Saturday 13 April 2024

Understanding the Meanings of Colors in Web Design

Colors are around us and they could silently convey specific message or emotion. We could get this message although we don’t realize it. It should be noted that messages that colors deliver could vary by nature. In this case, we should know what messages the colors are saying. As an example, we should know how the color green and red talk to specific people. As an example, many people would understand that green means go and red means stop. This is a simple concept that can be applied to any culture or consumer group. We should know about the design of specific graphics concepts.

When understanding colors, we should start with the basics and we could examine the color wheel. The wheel is consisted of basic colors. There could be different compositions of color wheels, consisted of different shades. However, their functions are essentially the same. In this case we need to achieve color harmony, a situation where colors could work well together. Some colors could go together properly for specific purposes. As an example, the color green and blue can be combined to deliver a message of freshness. We should know how colors are able to match with one another.

However, we should be able to know how these colors should go together. As an example, we consider specific colors when we choose clothes every morning. Some colors complement one another, but others negate one another. In this case, we should be careful when using colors located opposite to one another on the color wheel, for example, orange and blue may contradict badly. By adding variations to color depths, we can make colors jump forward or recede. We should be aware that some colors like brown, dark green, black and blue could seem to fall back. Others like orange, red, yellow and white could step forward.

This is the reason why we shouldn’t choose bright orange for background. This will cause it to compete with images and text. Orange tends to dominate and we should use it carefully. Orange could complement with blue and other calm colors if it is used only as smaller elements in the design. As an example, smaller orange elements could be combined quite well with blue and green, but we shouldn’t overuse them. As mentioned above, colors have specific meanings and meaning of colors for western culture could be different compared to other culture.

However, it is commonly accepted that red is used to represent power, white for purity, brown for low-cost, yellow for happiness, blue for reliability, green for luck, black for elegance, bright red for good taste, purple for dignity, silver for cutting edge technology and gold for luxury items. When designing our projects, we should know the meaning of each color. By choosing improper colors, it is possible that our website will be nearly impossible to comprehend and read. There are also different representations of specific colors, as an example, instead of elegance, black could be seen as a sign of bad luck for some people.