Sunday 19 May 2024

USB Multi Angle Pocket Double Blade Fan For Netbook – WHITE

USB gadgets

Summers can be a bit hard to handle because of soaring high temperatures. Such hot and humid climate can make anyone uncomfortable and make it difficult to work as well. So, this is where this USB gadgets prove really useful. With scorching heat, sometimes, even the air conditioning can prove to be ineffective especially if the air conditioner is not placed in close proximity. In such a scenario, you should definitely use this multi angle pocket fan and it will make sure that you have ample flow of wind around you so that you don’t feel uncomfortable anymore.

The best part about this fan is the mode of power it uses. As it is a USB double blade fan, it does not really require a switchboard for its power. This means you can use this incredible fan even when there is no electricity. You just need to switch this fan’s USB into a laptop and you are all set to go. As it has two blades, it can generate ample amount of wind force which in turn can help you keep cool throughout the day. Along with this, you can also plug this device into a power bank and it will still solve your purpose.

With 135 mm of height and around 97 mm of width, this USB Multi Angle Pocket Double Blade Fan for Netbook – WHITE is extremely handy and can be placed almost everywhere. You do not need to make some space on your table for putting this phone. Because of its size, you can place it over your laptop or even a book and it still render the same function without any compromise. The cable length is 1.2 metres so this means you can place the fan with more ease and it won’t necessarily stick to its power source.

The material of the fan is ABS plastic which means it is durable and has the ability to run for long. The USB fan also makes very little noise whilst the fans render an adequate amount of air and wind. To be precise, the fan throws out wind at an impressive seed of 110 metres per minute which directly translates into ample wind flow. Other similar sized fans can hardly match this wind speed.

As of now, is offering a sweet discount on smart home electrical appliances as well. The normal price for this sub table fan is around $ 8.20 but gear best does offer a discount as well which reduced its price to $ 6.54 for a limited period only. So, with such a perfect USB pocket fan, it is advisable to use this fan for home and office purposes. It can easily be used a table fan for providing air to an individual when there’s no electricity. Moreover, for satisfying your personal preferences, the fan is available in three different colours as well. These colours are blue, white and orange. So, you can also choose the colour that matches with your laptop or your table depending on your preference.