Monday 20 May 2024

Versatility Of Hosting Packages Offered by Web Hosting Firms

Hosting Service

There a number of packages offered by hosting firms, technically known as Web Hosts or Internet Service provider (ISP). Their services are internet-based by which your website can have access through the World Wide Web. Through the server, owned or leased by the web hosts, you can get space and internet connectivity in a data center, named collocation or Hosting.

The following are the types of Hosting. You can use your computer as a website host for providing details of your goods and services for procuring orders online.

Shared Web hosting facilitates placing on the same server or to any number of websites. A common pool of website like RAM and CPU are shared. It is not flexible. Web companies maintain reseller accounts for providing hosting to clients. 

Reseller Web Hosting facilitates clients for becoming host themselves. The resellers can work for individual domains. Identical services are provided by resellers who have their dedicated server or collocated server. 

Virtual Dedicated Server involves allocation one server to many VPS relationship, providing root access to the virtual space of clients.

Dedicated Hosting Service involves owning of server by the user and having full control over the same, with root access for Linux or administrative access for windows.

Managed Hosting Service involves owning of web server by the user, but without having full control over it. 

Collocation Web hosting service is similar to powerful dedicated web hosting but the user owns the colo server in which the host offers physical space to the user. This is the most powerful and expensive. 

Cloud Hosting, facilitates scalable, powerful and reliable hosting which are based on utility billing and clustered and load-balanced server. It is more reliable because when the single piece hardware goes down, other computers in the cloud can compensate. 

Clustered Hosting involves multiple servers hosting of the same content for better resource. They provide higher availability dedicated hosting. 

Grid Hosting is a distributed hosting in which a server cluster functions like a grid and is constituted of multiple nodes. 

Home Server involves placing of a single machine in a private residence that can host one or more sites with the use of broadband connection. They are purpose-oriented other special types of hosting are Image Hosting, File Hosting, Blog Hosting, video hosting, E-mail hosting, shopping cart software and Paste Bin.