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Victorian Bathrooms – Design, Ideas and Inspiration

Victorian bathroom iamges

In the last few years, Victorian elements in bathrooms are making a big comeback. Homeowners who value lush, romantic and comfortable feel in their bathrooms have recognized these traits in Victorian design, giving way to many reproductions and imitations. What are your options?

Floors and Tiles

Victorian bathroom design of the era preferred traditional, hexagonal, penny or subway tiles. This approach created a classy, elegant approach. The designers of the time recognized the importance of white and other light colours that emphasize the space and add up to light and airy feel. Checkered floor tile pattern is a safe player in this design. When it comes to paint colours, they often followed this suite, which contributed to soothing appeal.

Victorian Bathrooms - Design, Ideas and Inspiration


Whey you say Victorian lighting you think sconces. They come in abundance of design, and will fit any bathroom wall. Actually, these can be considered inexpensive accessories which can “victorianize” your bathroom, if your budget doesn’t allow for extensive remodelling. In the early period these sconces were gas fixtures, and were subsequently converted to electric. One of popular designs was a solid brass sconce with floral decorative details and an ornate glass shade. Crystal elements or torch-like sconces with shades resembling burning flame were popular as a pair, one at each side of a mirror.

Victorian Bathrooms - Design, Ideas and Inspiration

Bath Fixtures

One of the bathroom elements that comes in one’s mind when Victorian is mentioned is an elaborate porcelain, claw-foot tub. This was often the centrepiece of a Victorian bath. These tubs re now available in a range of materials and update styles, or you can find an original claw-foot tub and repaint it. However, one mustn’t forget that these tubs were usually reserved for wealthier homes, while majority of Victorians actually used wooden tubs. When it comes to taps, numerous online provincial tapware pieces beckon the Victorian times.

Victorian Bathrooms - Design, Ideas and Inspiration

Another iconic bath fixture of the period is a pedestal sink. It is not only functional but it saves space dramatically, ideal for small bathrooms. Another space saving sink option that was popular at the time is a marble or bronze sink set atop a vanity or a chest of drawers, combining two essential pieces into one. Sink and shower elements often feature sculpted elements of flora and fauna.

Accessories and Furniture

As mentioned before, there is much you can do using accessories and moveable pieces only. Upgrade your bath with tufted benches, chairs and stool, something that is not so usual in contemporary décor. Fix an oval mirror with an intricate gold or silver frame. An idea of Victorian bathroom is all about creating a space where luxury and elegance meet with comfort and beauty. This includes heavy fabric shower curtains, quality thick cotton towels and bath mats, lush bath robes, pungent soaps, etc.

Victorian Bathrooms - Design, Ideas and Inspiration

Things to Remember

It is hard to imagine that someone would make a Victorian style bathroom in a modern home. It is mostly people who purchased old houses that want to recreate them in the period fashion. The bathroom would be the most difficult part to restore, mainly because of different plumbing and electricity standards back then and now.

From a full-scale remodelling to using only select accessories, anyone can raise their bathroom on a higher level using these ideas, even on a tight budget.