Friday 14 June 2024



This Vidmate Pro is the most authentic free seminar app specially optimized with plenty of apps and games in it. This Vidmate app can be fully utilized in obtaining the download of various music and videos from the internet. Wherein as before, obtaining the download of music and videos from the internet was a bit difficult task and many a times it wasn’t a worthful one too. And to acquires such downloads you can even retreat to services such as Spotify, Netflix, or HBO mainly to enjoy most of your favorable series or movies or listen to several other music through various extremities of streaming sites with greater quality and totally legally. Although, there are plenty other applications fully optimized in downloading music and videos from various sites such as YouTube and above all the most important one is the Vidmate Video downloader which is not at all limited to Google’s portal, and thus through the access of this you can also accumulate the download of videos from Facebook and Instagram too without any issues. And hence through the utilization of this app you can very easily download various online videos and music from plenty of streaming sites and social network media. And thus this app can be fully installed and downloaded from the app store of 9 Apps store without any issues in it. 

Nonetheless, every user can fully accumulate this app to the full extent as it is very simple and easy to use without any complications in it. And hence after functioning this app you can very well discover various kinds of contents which can be downloaded by browsing through its various 11 subcategories. Not only that, through the access of this app you can even hunt manually or also receive suggestions and daily recommendations, or even visit the most viewed topics.

In regard to the downloads every user can very well fully use our Downloading button from the 9apps Apk store all because you will not find this app in the Google Play store. As this official Android app prohibits the apps that can be used to jerk the contents which are usually subjected to copyright. Overall, the APK of Vidmate app has become very much popular on Android smartphones and tablets, and has been a greater substitute to Tubemate and also enables you to use it on other platforms like iOS on iPhone and iPad. This app is very much worthful and comfortable on all Windows PCs and is very much easier and simpler to use as there are various other best alternative simple and useful in using just like a TubeCatcher. Above all, this Vidmate Pro also provides a widely range of measures from where and how can the download of the topics can be done, among them YouTube, Vevo, Vimeo, Metacafe, Instagram, LiveLeak, Funny Or Die, twitter, Facebook and many others a user can obtained the download without any issues. And no doubts this Vidmate Pro is exactly one of the best apps specially used to download free music and videos without any cost. Now in general let us have a major outlook on its main features prescribed below.


  1. Videos can be easily downloaded differing with various other resolutions in it
  2. Straightway downloads of audio in the format of MP3 is very well done in this app
  3. By using the keywords, you can hunt for videos form this app
  4. Every user can very well manage the videos downloaded from this app


Finally, before winding up, you can grab this awesome Vidmate Pro app by switching on to the app store of 9apps that too absolutely free of cost without wasting a single penny and acquiring the full benefits without any limits in it.