Saturday 22 June 2024

Vinyl Vs. Canvas Banner Print Materials

Banner print materials capture attention, offer high-resolution imagery and can be ideal for a number of locations. Custom designed banner printing can showcase anything from specific product and information to simply a bold logo. Banners can be perfect for tradeshows, exterior branding, store or office fronts, outdoor events, sponsorships and more. Banners can be custom designed with a number of materials, sizes, stocks, and more.

But what banner material is best? Two popular banner print materials are vinyl and fabric canvas banners. Fabric banners can be less durable, while vinyl banners can limit the design options for extremely detailed and in-depth banner designs. Each of these banner materials can be ideal for different goals. The future plans for the banner designs will dictate whether canvas or vinyl banners are better for your business.

Vinyl Vs. Canvas Banner Print Materials

Banner Material Aesthetics

Certain materials will offer higher image resolution and can be better for more simplistic or more detailed designs. A fabric banner is printed onto a woven polyester material. The banner is ideal for well-lit indoor use and detailed images. The non-polished finish allows canvas banners to offer a professional and matte colour pattern. Vinyl banners can be made a number of ways to suit outdoor ad indoor events. Matte vinyl banners are ideal for indoor events and offer bright imagery with attention-grabbing designs. Mesh vinyl is better for outside as it has small slits that deplete that amount that wind can affect the banner. Mesh vinyl should not be used for banners that will be detailed or viewed closely.

Indoor Vs. Outdoor Banner Use

Different banner materials will better suit outdoor and indoor environments. For indoor events, matte vinyl and canvas banners can be perfect. While for outdoor events vinyl is your only options, as fabric banners can easily tear, stain, stretch, fade and become otherwise damaged. Matte vinyl can work in outdoor events though; they can become damaged by cold temperatures and moisture. Matte vinyl images can also fade over years of immense sun exposure. If you are planning for exclusively or extended periods outdoor use, mesh vinyl banners are your best option. Mesh vinyl banners are moisture resistant and utilise small holes to combat the wind. In extremely cold temperatures, avoid using banners outside as every material can become brittle and more prone to damage.

What Material Is Best?

No banner material truly stands above others. The truth is that the proposed banner setting and design dictates which material will be more effective. Canvas and matte vinyl options are better materials for indoor use. Between the two canvas banners can offer more detailed imagery, while vinyl banners are more cost effective. Mesh vinyl is the clear winner in regards to outdoor functionality and durability. Though mesh banners can truly only support simple designs, as details may get lost in the mesh holes. To conclude, the best banner is the one that will be best for your needs. Consider what event, areas and or purposes your proposed banner will serve, in order to select the ideal material for your needs.