Tuesday 23 April 2024

Violence in the Entertainment Content

The entertainment industry is known for its violence depictions. There violent scenes in films, TV series and video games. There have been so many debates revolved around this subject, with arguments being twisted around and skewed endlessly. However, it is clear that violent content has caused huge concerns in the society. We know that violence could result in illegal activities. In fact, in some extreme cases, we heard stories about some young people who hit pedestrians with their cars, because they habitually do that in video games. Often, the real damage can be inflicted at the fabric of the society. We should make sure that people have their hearts and minds protected.

Violence is mental garbage that may corrupt our mind, causing hatred, bitterness and anger. It is often unlikely that violent scenes can cause these emotions by themselves; but people with underlying problems can be vulnerable to this condition. In fact, we know that people were much nicer 70 years ago. Many countries experienced rapid growth when their population was more civilized and polite. This could be seen as a chicken and egg problem, but we know that there are no benefits of seeing too much violent in entertainment content. It is important for parents to know whether some entertainment content could cause long-term effects.

There are huge negative psychological effects associated with viewing violent acts repeatedly. Some people think that they are living comfortably in the modern world, but what they have seen may actually cause various mental problems. Many young people enjoy listening to anti-social metal and gangsta rap music. These kinds of entertainment won’t make our children better individuals. It is important for parents to make sure that their children are listening to more humanistic kinds of music. It would be a no-brainer that bad ideas transmitted through entertainment content could be harmful to our soul.

Ironically, freedom of speech rights, have become an obstacle in suppressing violent content in entertainment media. In fact, some countries barely censor TV and films that have multiple violent and sexual acts. The popular TV series CSI, Breaking Bad and others are known for their violent and sexual scenes. Compared to TV series in 1970’s and 1980’s; we see incredibly huge differences on how sex and violence are displayed. The implication of this condition can be quite staggering. The whole culture could grow darker, if all of us continue to watch them. In fact, some TV series and movies use unrealistically violent scenes just to make them look interesting.

We need to accept that movies, TV series and games will become more grotesque and brutal. Parents should know what movies and TV series that the whole family should watch. We have heard how the Game of Throne series caused problems in the family living room. It is shown in primetime hours when all if not most family members are watching; but the act of violence and sexual content can be quite overwhelming for a family entertainment.