Wednesday 19 June 2024

8 Watchlist That’ll Help You Cope up with Lockdown Blues

Every single being on this planet is experiencing a situation that is no less than a nightmare. With almost 160+ countries observing lockdowns to stop the virus from spreading further people are stranded in their homes with nothing to do and nowhere to go. Well, first of all, before we talk about how to cope up with this situation, let’s talk about why it is important for us to appreciate ‘social distancing.’ It is time to give this Earth a much-needed break and to do things that only allow us to feel better. Capiche?

We know that your screen-time has suddenly increased and you’re always on a look-out for new movies. So, to help you cope up with your utterly boring lock-out routine, we have jotted down a bunch of movies that’ll help you feel good and relaxed, in times like these. All you need is a reliable package like Spectrum so your boring days will pass like a breeze! They have recently introduced a spectrum silver channel list, which is best when you have movies to stream. For a relatively less cost than most of its competitors, there’s no way you should settle for anything besides spectrum.

Now that you know which internet connection is best for you, let’s finally hope towards discussing the movies you should be watching right now. So, doesn’t matter how stressful everything may seem like, with these movies you are sure to feel good no matter what:

Big Hero 6

Hiro’s older brother Tadashi leaves him a friend, whose sole purpose lies within helping the ones in need. Baymax, a big marshmallow-like robot, though seemingly intimidating, has nothing but love for anyone it comes across. But, in a devastating turn of events, Hiro, his new friends, and the trusty Baymax find themselves in a situation as sticky as treacle and as dangerous as machine-gun totting Zombies. It doesn’t matter if you’ve already watched this movie, it’s got just the perfect amount of humor with all the feel-good scenes that you surely can’t miss.

Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls

There’s no frown that a good Jim Carrey movie can’t fix! Ace Venture is a pet-detective, who is known for solving pet-related mayhems, no matter how weird they are. This movie is filled with just the right amount of humor that is sure to keep you rolling and wiping your tears, all the time.


If you’ve been Kristen Wiig’s fan since the SNL days then we’re sure you know what a rib-tickling gem this one is. The story revolves around a heartbroken Annie Walker who is knee-deep in debts and her best friend’s wedding occurs to her like another punch in the gut. Her life seems like it’s at a point of no return, but luckily she comes across someone who might help her turn her time around. This movie is packed with just the right punchlines and scenes that will make you roll on the floor and laugh.

Pursuit of Happiness

On the other side of every dark tunnel, there’s light. Pursuit of Happyness is the movie that will teach you no matter how badly life knocks you down, your struggle will always lift you and turn everything around. The story revolves around Chris Gardner, played by Will Smith, who goes through pain and some tear-inducing hardships, with his son (younger Jaden Smith). This movie will lift your spirits and make you feel good about your life no matter how bad it may seem.

50 First Dates

Another bone-tickler on our list is Adam Sandler’s 50 First Dates. The main character Henry Roth hits it off with Lucy played by Drew Barrymore, who is struggling with short-term memory loss and forgets everything right the next day. Henry’s perseverance makes this movie worth it. Although, he knows that living with someone dealing with such a condition will be no less than a struggle, but he doesn’t give up. Just like, we all shouldn’t give up no matter how thick the situation might seemingly be.


Another one from Adam Sandler is this one, where the story revolves around a struggling single mother, Drew Barrymore. Between her job of organizing people’s closets and raising two boys, she runs into Adam Sandler’s character who is already juggling a life similar to hers. This movie has lots of laughter moments, along with a bunch of feel-good ones that are sure to turn your frown, upside down.

Confessions of a Shopaholic

Another one for you to watch during these lockdown times is this one. The story revolves around Rebecca Bloomwood, played by Isla Fisher, who has an uncontrollable urge for shopping. This movie has just the right amount of highs and lows, filled with a bunch of oohs and aahs (especially when Rebecca’s closet stumble opens). Although this movie might make you miss your own trips to your favorite stores, but if you look on the bright side, this will help you prepare for your next shopping spree that you can do in a couple of months.

The Help

This movie portrays the 1960s when black women were chosen to work for the elite white families only. The main character of this movie is Skeeter, played by Emma Stone, who aspires of becoming a writer. She causes a stir in her community upon interviewing one of the housekeepers and thus begins a revolution where more women started coming forth and sharing their stories about living with white people and being subject to their animosities, day in day out. So, if you’re seeking some motivation at times like these, then The Help will make you feel just right.

All in All

Hopefully, you’re going to use the time at home to watch some already-watched or new movies. Since everything around you is negative and stress-inducing, these bunch of movies will be enough to help you get through such a time.