Thursday 30 May 2024

Way To Entertain Your Kids This Halloween

The scariest time of the year is almost upon us… Halloween! Halloween is always a big event in the calendar for children. It’s the promise of trick or treating and dressing up to be their favorite scary character. Sometimes it is difficult to think of ideas on how to throw a Halloween party for your family but have no fear! In this article, you will read some helpful suggestions on how to keep your kids entertained and some ideas to use if you are working on a low budget.

Decorating the House

Sure it’s only for one day, but decorating the house for Halloween can be a great way to entertain your children into the buildup for the evening’s activities.  You can find a never-ending supply of Halloween merchandise in convenience stores and supermarkets, the main place to decorate is obviously the area around the front door, to welcome and scare those neighborhood children partaking in Trick or Treating. Buy whatever you desire and get your kids to help with the ideas of placement of these products.


A mummy, a vampire, a slimy monster or even a werewolf, there are an endless supply of costumes you can buy in shops or even find online. Children love fancy dress and dressing them up as their favorite scary monster will not only get them in the Halloween spirit (excuse the pun) but also make this a treasured childhood memory for them to reflect on later on. If you don’t want to buy a costume, there is also the possibility of finding somewhere you can hire a costume for the evening.


What do kids love? Candy!!! Having an unhealthy supply of candy for Halloween is a must. As mentioned before, Trick or Treat is a primary practice during Halloween for kids to visit neighboring houses to collect as much candy as possible and also to show off their impressive costumes but don’t forget to leave some for your children as well!


Of course, what is a Halloween party without games? A very simple idea is taking classic birthday games and adapting them to the theme of Halloween. Such games as Pass the Parcel and Musical Chairs are classic games and will definitely keep your children happy and entertained.

These are the main factors you should consider for Halloween but what can you do if you want to do these things, but not waste so much money? Well, here’s how;

 Crafting your Decorations

The majority of the time, shops will charge a lot of money for Halloween products so it is cheaper and perhaps more fun to turn your decorating into a family craft activity. Basic ideas like cutting blank paper into spider’s webs are sprinkling small amounts baking powder over surfaces to give the impression of dust are all cheap methods of decorating. You can buy tiny pumpkins for the kids activities and help them make their own Jack O’ Lanterns for them to proudly display outside the front of your home. If you search YouTube, you can find many great videos on how to design scary decorations.

DIY Costumes

Old unwanted clothing and fabrics are very useful to help design a cheap Halloween costume. Cutting and ripping holes in clothes in order to make a zombie costume or wrapping toilet paper around your body to transform into a mummy, look at what clothes you don’t mind changing and be creative with your design. You can be whatever you want!


Simple ingredients and easy to make! This is generally a very cheap way to make your own candy and also, it can be a great activity for you and your children to enjoy. What’s Halloween without blood? Serve up any snacks, whether it be French fries covered in ketchup or strawberry jam sandwiches, make blood a theme for your Halloween food.

These are some ideas to help you get started with your Halloween Party preparations. As you follow these ideas, they may give you some more ideas on how to make your Halloween a unique and special experience for your family.

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