Thursday 30 May 2024

Ways To Enjoy Your Beverages This Winter

Ways To Enjoy Your Beverages This Winter

What a better way to keep warm this winter than with your favourite cup of coffee, and it might just be the perfect season to try a new flavour or variety.

Here are some types you might want to try, how about enjoying them in a handy reusable cup?


Ways To Enjoy Your Beverages This Winter

An Americano coffee is great for those strong coffee lovers. Like a Long Black, it consists of a shot of espresso with an equal amount of hot water. If your feeling up to trying something a little different, why not order a Double Americano. A double Americano will come with two shots of espresso. That’s sure to wake you up on a cold winters morning.

Irish coffee

Ways To Enjoy Your Beverages This Winter

For a naughty, winter warming treat, why not try an Irish coffee – just make sure you don’t have to drive afterwards!

The recipe for the Irish coffee varies, but most often this festive brew contains hot black coffee, Irish whisky and brown sugar, and then is finished off with thick cream.

It’s a rich and indulgent treat, but can be a perfect way to warm up on a winter evening.


Ways To Enjoy Your Beverages This Winter

A Vienna coffee uses shots of espresso mixed with whipped cream, rather than milk or sugar, to make a delightfully sweet and creamy beverage. It’s often topped off with a nice sprinkling of chocolate, and makes a great caffeinated alternative to a hot chocolate.

Now that you know about all these coffees – which one will you try first?

Want to enjoy a biscuit with your Coffee, but which one to choose?

  • Rich tea– if you’re looking for a basic but popular choice, rich tea is for you
  • Ginger nut– The ginger nut is a biscuit people either love or hate, not everyone’s first choice especially mixed with the taste of coffee
  • Jammie Dodger– what more could you want other than strawberry jam mixed with coffee?   A post-lunch option and for those looking for something a little different
  • Digestive– the brother of the rich tea, the digestive is a sturdy biscuit that will soak up a lot of coffee before breaking up.  A perfect choice when lunch is still out of reach; something to keep you going
  • Chocolate digestive– Quite the same as the plain digestive, but with the added bonus of being topped with a layer of chocolate, what isn’t there to love?
  • Custard cream– How about enjoying a nice custard cream to dunk in your coffee? A perfect combination for a mid-afternoon snack.
  • Bourbon– A fully covered chocolate biscuit paired with a strong cup of coffee. What else would you want as a sugar boost throughout the day?

Splash of Flavour

Ways To Enjoy Your Beverages This Winter

Why not add a flavoured syrup to your beverage? Enjoy a flavoured coffee or add a cheeky dash of flavour to your hot chocolate.

Some syrups are free from artificial colours, preservatives and GMO’s. Syrups come in a variety of flavours, including; Irish cream, salted caramel, vanilla, or as the colder months draw closer, why not enjoy the taste of Winter spice or Gingerbread.

Robin Cole