Tuesday 23 April 2024

Wedding Photo Faux Pas To Avoid

Your wedding photos should be a wonderful memento of your special day and your photographer should be well equipped to capture every moment at its best. A Hampshire wedding photographer, or indeed any photographer based in the UK that has the right credentials and experience can ensure that your photos are picture-perfect.

There are however some faux pas that regularly occur when taking wedding photographs and to help you avoid them, we’ve listed them here.

Disregarding a Test Shoot

Many photographers offer a test shoot. This not only gives you a chance to get to know each other and feel comfortable, it also ensures your wedding photos are exactly what you want, unlike other unlucky couples. A test shoot will also let you communicate expectations and make sure that you all understand what the desired results are.

Brief the Bridal Party Beforehand

As one wedding photographer explained, taking group photographs can be a bit like herding cats. To avoid having issues with vanishing groomsmen, bridesmaids who’ve gone to check their make up or a mother of the bride whose gone AWOL trying to organise a receiving line, instruct your retinue when you will be taking group shots and how long they will be needed for, beforehand.

Communicate with the Photographer

If you want specific people or moments captured, you’ll need to let the photographer know in advance. To avoid only ending up with one photo of the wedding cake, or having far too many shots of the reception when you wanted the focus on the ceremony, you’ll need to be clear in your instructions.

Avoid Trying Something New

If you’ve never been a particularly agile couple and you suddenly decide to try some fancy dance moves or similar strenuous poses, save it for after your wedding. Whilst a professional photographer from a company like Lemontree photography or others will take it in their stride, the end results might not quite capture what you envisioned.

Taking Ages to Finish Photos

It’s customary for the bride and groom to have photos taken between the ceremony and reception, but disappearing for hours on end and leaving your guests stranded is incredibly rude. Before your big day scout out your location and decide where you want to take photographs and how you’d prefer them to be styled.