Thursday 18 April 2024

What Are Different Types Of Locksmiths?

What Are Different Types Of Locksmiths?

It might not seem like it but locksmiths are important people whose services you’ll need once in a while. With innovation in technology, locksmith services in the UK have never been easier or faster to access. Locksmith services operate 24/7 and hire enough professionals to ensure someone is always ready to come to your aid.

Before you call out for a locksmith, it’s important to know the type of services they perform. Many people assume the only job of a professional locksmith is to install deadbolts, make copies of their keys and open the door when they’re either locked out or in.  Thanks to advancement in security engineering, locksmiths can do more including providing emergency services and offering home security advise.

Types of Locksmith Services

The Residential Locksmith

When you lose your house keys, garage door key or car keys, the residential locksmith can handle any problem. They mostly work within homes but liaise with real estate agents and local housing authorities to upgrade security when a new tenant is moving into a home.

The Commercial Locksmith

As the name implies, the commercial locksmith is called out to schools, companies, commercial buildings and offices.” If you run a business that requires advanced security systems and locks, a commercial locksmith can create employee key-cards, restrict access to certain floors and advise on security measures”. Barry Green from The London Locksmiths.

A commercial locksmith can also handle issues with a biometric system and other security devices. Some business places might require high-security padlocks to secure storage areas.

Institutional Locksmiths

These are locksmiths who are full-time employees for institutions such as government agencies, universities, hospitals and companies. They install, maintain and service life safety hardware, electronic or electromechanical security systems.

They are similar to commercial locksmith in terms of the services they provide but are hired as full-time employees where commercial locksmiths are mostly part-time. They also perform other jobs as part of the employee network.

Vehicle Security Locksmith or Auto Locksmith

This type of locksmith works with car owners who are locked out of their car. It’s a handy additional service to add to other types of locksmithing services because it doesn’t provide steady work like other types. Most locksmiths include key cutting as part of their speciality. An auto locksmith service in London can duplicate your car keys, replace or update the remote system to give you access. If the key is broken, stuck in the ignition or lost, they could create a new key for you.

Forensic Locksmith

You’ve probably heard the word ‘forensic” as it relates to crime. Forensic locksmithing is the systematic study of security devices to determine how it was bypassed, opened or neutralized. They use techniques such as metallurgy, microscopic examination, physical disassembly of the device and photography of the security system.

Emergency Locksmith

An emergency locksmith is always on call 24/7. They are mobile locksmiths who can solve all emergency problems such as damage to the door by burglars, locked out of your car after work and jammed door lock in the middle of the night. Whatever the problem, they are always on hand.