Friday 19 July 2024

What Are The Benefits Of A Good Childcare Centre For Both The Child And The Parents?

It is no secret that a child who has been going to a good childcare centre is better equipped to handle formal schooling when the time comes. These children are better developed in their motor skills, language skills, problem solving skills and even socialising skills because of the exposure they get in the childcare centres.

These are many different childcare centres in Singapore and when it is the time to choose the right one for your child, you feel a bit confused. Through this article you will understand what to expect from a good childcare centre so that you can choose the best one for your child.

What To Expect From A Childcare Centre: Sending your tiny tot away from you to a childcare is a difficult and harrowing experience for both the child and the parent. This is probably the first time that your child is going to be away from home and the parents for such a long period of time. As parents you want to be sure that the child is not only safe and comfortable in the new environment but it is also money worth spent.

If you also have an option of in-home care, then it becomes even more difficult as a parent to make the choice. The following benefits to your child by putting your child into a good childcare centre will help you in making the decision:

  • Children grow better when they have a structured routine for the day. Childcare centres have a well-researched plan that has both structured and unstructured playtime allotted in the day.
  • There is never a problem of staff not being available. This is a problem that you might face if you are opting for in-home care and the caregiver is not available some days and you have to scramble to find a replacement.
  • The curriculum is designed keeping in mind the child’s age and developmental stage.
  • Children are happier with the company on other children their age. They are never bored because their day is slotted into interesting, fun activities.
  • They learn socialising skills like sharing, waiting for their turn etc. This is something that is difficult to inculcate in single child homes.
  • Childcare also makes it easier for the child to adjust into a formal schooling system when the time comes. By then the child would have gotten over the separation anxiety.
  • Their academic readiness for formal schooling is also more as they have acquired the basic knowledge of language, mathematics, communication skills etc.
  • They have ample opportunities for physical development in the childcare centre due to the activities that are designed to focus on both their gross motor and fine motor skills.

Benefits To The Parents: A good childcare centre not only benefits the children in their overall development but also is a boon to the parents. All first time parents get a support group of other parents to seek advice and ideas on how to raise their children. Many of their anxieties about whether they are doing things correctly can be resolved by interacting with other veteran parents and even with the staff of the childcare centre.

A good childcare centre gives parents peace of mind that their child is well taken care of in their absence. They can then focus on their career growth to be able to provide better for their child’s future.