Tuesday 25 June 2024

What Are The Do’s and Don’ts Of DUI

What Are The Do's and Don’ts Of DUI

When charged with a DUI, there are certain steps one must take in order to face the consequences. Ignoring it won’t make it go away and it may cause you to miss the court date. Overall, you want to be sure you have representation from an excellent DUI attorney. They know all the ins and outs of the penalties and proceedings.

What Should I Do if I Get a DUI

Be sure to collect all the information you can about the incident. You will need to write down the officers’ badge numbers, the location and time of the accident, potential witnesses and the names of anyone who has been injured or worse. A dui murder charge is very serious.

Legal representation is essential. Using an appointed public defender means you are working with a lawyer who is just a beginner or one who typically has not done so well. Do you want that? Greater penalties will be more likely without a lawyer and extensive jail time if found guilty of vehicular homicide.

What Not To Do

There is little you can do if you are under the influence and at or past the legal limit. There are things you should not do. For example, it is your right to say nothing at all. It is indicated in the Miranda rights read to you at the time of arrest that you can be silent.

If you are asked to submit to a blood test, you can refuse it, but it may result in some penalties, especially if you do not pass the standing sobriety test. Perhaps you should consider your state’s penalties regarding this matter.

Do not ever argue with the officer and do not lie. When they ask if you had any alcohol, you are in the spotlight. In this case, say nothing.