Saturday 24 February 2024

What Are The Electric Light Switches and How They Work?

Electric light switches are simple products that you can avail from brass terminal manufacturers. These switches are used for transmitting electricity to the load, such as a fan, ceiling light, etc. When you flip the switch off, the circuit breaks down and this interrupts the electricity flow. A usual light switch has two terminals and in some designs there is a ground terminal. There is a hot wire that is connected to one of these terminals. The hot wire going to the load is linked to the second terminal.

How to connect wires to the switch?

There is a safe and right way to wire a switch. You will need a hot wire for best results because wiring the hot or neutral wire to the switch will both damage and break the circuit. If there is any interruption at the switch, the power will stop and will not further flow.

The light or any other appliance connected to the switch will not get electricity anymore.

If you use the neutral wire for the switch, it will break the circuit at the switch. But if it is the hot wire, it goes through the load and from there electricity will flow to ground.

Let’s take an instance, there is a light socket having hot wire connected to it and the neutral wire is connected to the switch. When the switch is off, it breaks the circuit and the appliance doesn’t get power to perform. With the light switch off, if you unscrew the light and stick your finger in the socket and current can flow through you to ground. But this would be bad for you. That is not possible if the neutral wire was connected to the light while hot wire to the switch when you turn off the switch.

When you interrupt the hot wire at the switch and not the neutral wire in a wired circuit, it will stop the current prior it passes through the load.

When should you replace your light switch?

A loose or wobbly switch is bad for use. Even a stiff or difficult to push button should be replaced. Flickering light may also be an indication that tells you to change the switch.

For more information on replacing or changing the light switch, contact experts. Brass terminal manufacturers are also supplying light switches across the world. You can source best quality terminals from them at affordable rates.

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