Tuesday 25 June 2024

What Are The Various Benefits Of Shipping Pallets?

Shipping pallets are in use since quite long time for export of goods both in domestic as well as international trade. A variety of pallets of distinct materials are used at different occasions. Three of the most commonly used pallet types are of plastic, wood and metal.  Among these three types, the plastic pallet is the best in comparison to the other two pallets for various reasons such as durability, flexibility and its light weight.

What Are The Various Benefits Of Shipping Pallets?

But altogether, shipping pallets are now used during export of goods or even for international shipping for several benefits. Though there are many of benefits to be discussed, but here are some of the most important ones that are described.

Ease of Portability 

One of the most common reasons of using such pallets is portability. With the use of such pallets, the ease of transporting and shifting of the goods from one place to another, increases along with its fast delivery.  Also, when the goods are packed well in the pallets, they do not get destroyed in transit and remain set the way they have been packed and kept for delivery at the right place.

Lesser Manual Work

When pallets are being used for shipping of goods, manual work decreases. You do not have to transfer or handle many goods. You just should handle a few of the pallets in which there are a few goods together set properly. The chances of accidents decrease and the risk of workers getting hurt or the goods getting damaged is reduced as well. Of course, when lesser manual work is there, due to the use of shipping pallets, the hiring of manpower will get reduced, thus saving the companies resources.

Ease of Storage

Goods that are being carried through shipping pallets are of course easy to carry from one place to another. But that’s not all, the goods carried through these pallets can be easily stored in the warehouses. The risk of these goods getting damaged or getting misplaced in the warehouse is reduced as kept compact in the pallets. So, these pallets provide both the benefits.

Durability and Strength

Often the shipping pallets are compared to the shipping containers. But one of the major difference between the two is that the pallets are much stronger than the containers and hence are also much durable than the containers. The pallets, whether it is of plastic, wood or metal, are highly durable and strong enough for the goods to be carried, stored and shifted from place to place without difficulty.

Weight and Size of the Pallet

These pallets are very light in weight and hence they do not add up to the weight of the goods while shipping. Also, they are available in such sizes and shapes that they can be stacked easily and efficiently anywhere in the warehouse. They do not take much space and hence as many as possible pallets can be easily kept in the warehouse without occupying much of the area and ensuring optimum utilization of floor space.

Recycling of the Pallets

The pallets are not just of great use for shipping of goods but also are highly environment friendly. These can be recycled for further use. The plastic and metal pallets can be easily melted and re-casted to get a new pallet. The wooden pallets worn out over the time but still they can be used for other activities such as firewood or shredded to be used as mulch or compost. Use of shipping pallets has increased over the time due to the above-mentioned benefits and many others.