Tuesday 27 February 2024

What Can An Electrician Do For You?

Most people think that electricians only tinker with wires and should be called whenever there is an issue with the electrical systems in your house. However, qualified electricians do much more than just measure the flow of voltage around the house. They offer a variety of different services to commercial and residential clients. For instance, electricians also have experience in fixing electrical appliances around the house. If your refrigerator or deep freezer is not working properly, you could just call in an electrician to take a look. Repairing electrical appliances is obviously not the main service that electricians offer. Here are just some of the many services that electricians offer.

Power Upgrades and Rewiring

If you have just installed some heavy appliances around the house, it might be time for a power upgrade. More powerful appliances require more electricity. If the wires in your house are not capable of handling such heavy power loads, it might lead to a short circuit and maybe even a fire. The circuit breakers could start tripping if the electrical appliances draw more power than your wires can handle. If that is the case, you will need to get power upgrades and also get the whole place rewired. This is not an easy job, and it might take a few days for the rewiring to be completed. Most electricians in Perth offer power upgrades and rewiring solutions. However, it is always wise to request a quote before hiring an electrician.

Switchboard Upgrades

After a few years of heavy use, you might need to get the switchboards around the house replaced. Faulty switchboards can cause a fire if there is a short circuit. You should not mess with the switchboards if you are not a qualified professional. There is a collection of exposed wires behind the board that can electrocute you if you approach the switchboard on your own. The electrician will first disconnect power from the mains, then remove the switchboard, untangle the wires, and install a new one.

Fault Finding

Have you been noticing excessive fluctuation over the past few days? Is your electrical equipment malfunctioning? There might be a fault in the electrical system around the house. It is best to call in an experienced electrician to find the fault and fix it, rather than tamper with the electrical circuits on your own. Fault finding is a lengthy process. The electrician will use different metres in order to first detect the problem and then fix the issue.


Managing the lighting around the house is also an electrician’s job. They will install power points and bulb holders around your home, and then make the connections in order to ensure that the circuits work smoothly. Apart from handling the lighting issues, electricians also install exhaust fans, heat lamps, controllers, and bore pumps on commercial and residential properties. Before you hire an electrician for any task, it is best to request a quote. Different electricians will charge varying prices for their services, so you should always compare quotes before making a decision.