Friday 19 April 2024

What Do You Basically Call A Wrong Hair Transplant

What Do You Basically Call A Wrong Hair Transplant

There are many people who lose their hair due to various reasons. Some lose their hair because of medical conditions and some because of stress. Some also start losing hair because of constant hair styling and coloring of the hair. The only solution to get hair back for such people is to go through hair transplant surgeries. There are many hair transplant clinic in Karachi, where professional surgeon are performing many successful hair transplant surgeries.

Hair Transplants:

These are basically one kind of medical treatments, which are performed to solve the problem of baldness. The aim of this treatment is to replace the bald area of the scalp and make them appear as normal, like it use to be before. Like every other medical treatment this treatment also has some drawbacks when it comes to delivering the desired results. In case a hair transplant surgery is performed by an unqualified person, it may lead to a wrong hair transplant surgery. There are a few people who get their hair transplant wrong and it looks bad.

What Goes Wrong?

Here are a few things that would help you to understand that what things go wrong, which results in a bad hair transplant.

  • Over Sizing Of Grafts: This is one of the common issues which occur when there is a contrast between the thickness of hair attachment and donor hair. At this point it brings an ugly appearance of the scalp of a patient as they are very unlikely to adjust.
  • Low Or Broad Hair Lines: This issue results when the specialist’s system commits some kind of error. Usually while establishing the hair line, it has marks as it’s too near to crease. This results in the patients face to look twisted and totally out of proportion.
  • Scaring: Sometimes small hair grafts can also cause substantial injuries on the scalp. This means that the scalp is very certain to have scars and these scars are just the beginning of the issues to start. They can result in various soughs of issues such as the grafted hair starts to raise, irregularities on the scalp, very unnatural growth of hair. These issues have a huge negative impact on the patient who underwent a hair transplant surgery. This makes the whole hair transplant surgery a big failure.
  • Hair Planted In The Wrong Direction: This is one of the common issues, which a patient faces when the surgery is getting done by an inexperienced hair surgeon. The surgeon basically implants the transplanted hair against the direction of natural hair. This is done, when the so called hair transplant specialists put the hair grafts on the opposite side of the scalp, particularly in case of large grafts. In such case the transplanted hair would appear to be very unnatural as they are just growing in the opposite direction of natural hair.

This doesn’t mean that hair has to remain awfully terrible always as there are no mistakes that can’t be improved.