Friday 01 March 2024

What Exactly Is Anodising?

Anodising in an electromagnetic process that produces a layer of aluminium oxide, which provides a durable, weatherproof finish. This is not similar to paint surfacing, as the aluminium surface actually changes, so there are no chips, cracks, or peeling. Anodised surfaces provide better adhesion for paint than regular aluminium, however, the anodic layer does not strengthen the aluminium in any way, but does prevent the material from corroding.

Chemical Process

The anodised layer is created by passing an electric current through an electrolytic solution, and the aluminium is the positive electrode. The current releases hydrogen at the negative electrode (the cathode) at the surface, creating a build-up of aluminium oxide. If one requires Anodisers in WA, there are reputable companies online that can provide high quality anodised aluminium.

A Tough Coating

Anodised aluminium is second only to diamonds in terms of hardness, so the benefits are there for many industries, including construction, marine, and electronics. Thick coatings can be porous, so a layer of sealing is sometimes required to achieve optimum corrosive protection.


Anodising is used to prepare aluminium for colouring and improved adhesion, and can also improve lubrication, which makes it a very useful process for many industries.

The Ultimate Protection

Anodising aluminium provides an ideal surface for exterior surfaces, and since its arrival in 1923, anodised aluminium has taken over as the number one covering application for aluminium based products.


There are many colours to ensure that the aluminium will be right for any setting, and with the sea air in Western Australia, one needs something to keep exterior surfaces free from corrosion. The metallic shades are perfect for modern architectural designs, and with a range of colours, the design potential is enormous.

Environmentally Friendly

Adonisation is eco-friendly, as it is corrosive free, and offers protection against the elements, which is essential in a sea-air based environment, such as Western Australia. If a person is looking for an exterior surface that is long lasting and maintenance free, one couldn’t find a more effective solution than anodised aluminium.

The Right Company

This is something more essential than the actual adonisation, with reliable service being high on the list of essentials for any customer, to ensure the product is not only of good quality, but it also installed correctly.

The Right Solution

For any exterior or interior finish that is corrosion free and attractive, look no further than anodised aluminium, as it offers all the benefits, without high maintenance. Anodising Industries are currently supplying solutions to both commercial and domestic markets, giving the user confidence that the product is of the highest quality, enabling years of trouble-free use.

A Commercial Success

Adonisation has enabled many businesses to operate without the worry of corrosion, and with innovative finishes, long lasting solutions mean that the long-term profit margins are realised. Today’s eco-friendly world demands the right solutions, and anodised aluminium gives one the perfect material for long lasting results.

The world of commercial covering has been refreshed by anodised finishes, and can provide the perfect environment for any environment.