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What Kind Of Certification or Qualifications Does A Welder Need?

What Kind Of Certification or Qualifications Does A Welder Need?

Welding is a skilled trade, which involves fabricating items by fusing metal surfaces together, and if you are thinking of pursuing this as a career, you would need to study at a vocational college or similar establishment where they have welding courses. Of course, there are many types of welding, with each requiring its own level of knowledge and experience, and one might decide to specialise in one specific type of welding.

What Kind Of Certification or Qualifications Does A Welder Need?

The Skills

A welder must be able to read a blueprint, and knowledge of chemistry, math, and physics are definitely a bonus, and if you plan to work in the automated welding world, you will need to have extensive computer knowledge. Welding is a very precise operation, and the ideal person would have attention to detail, and be able to work methodically. You definitely need good hand to eye coordination, and excellent vision is a must, as fine welding requires a high level of accuracy. Another trait a welder should possess is the ability to analyse and problem solve, as there are many instances where things require some improvisation.

The Training

You could enrol in a vocational college, or perhaps even a private welding school, where you would first learn the basics of metallurgy, and then move on to practical work. The length of training could vary from a few weeks to several years, depending on the level of expertise required. An apprentice might work on projects supervised by an experienced welder, until he or she gains the right certification to work alone.


When a person completes their training, they would receive a diploma, and when working, a welder would be expected to regularly add to their certifications by taking tests or by means of work inspection. Some specialised types of welding require a very high level of certification, and the welder’s employer would be expected to offer the opportunity to attain the required standard. If, for example, you were looking for structural welding in Perth, the company you choose would have certified welders for every possible type of welding.

High Earners

A qualified welder would be well paid, and if they were certified to a high level, the work would be highly skilled and precise, and the salary would reflect that. Welders that work on gas or oil pipelines must possess the right certificates, and the welding company would guarantee their workmanship by issuing documentation, and with accountability, making a mistake is not an option. If you are in Western Australia, structural welding by Diverse Welding is a reliable solution at an affordable price.

Type of Welding

There are many types of welding, and each has its own certification. Here are just a few of the branches of welding that are used today,

  • Oxy-Acetylene Welding
  • Arc welding
  • Welding machine Operator
  • Underwater welding
  • Gas welding

If you are looking for a career in welding, there are many opportunities, and with the right training and certification, you could be one of the higher paid tradespeople that work in modern industry.