Thursday 18 April 2024

What Makes Prabhash Karan A Good Writer?

Anybody can become a writer, but not everybody can become a good writer. You can be someone who spits out words upon words of stories, but you might not have the same magic on your readers that Hemingway did. There are few writers who can weave a good story and even fewer writers who can write good books on philosophy.

Prabhash Karan has easily proved himself to be a master at writing when it comes to philosophy. He not only writes in English but also in Bengali. The reason why his books are so well received is not only because of the quality of the content but also the way they are put. Karan has been known for the simple way he puts across his thoughts and beliefs. They have also gathered a lot of acclaim for their unique outlook of things.

But it takes a lot of hard work to be able to write like that. However, to be able to write in such a way that completely changes an individual’s perception is something revolutionary in itself. There are some concrete things that you can do starting from today that will get you on the road to improvement.

You need to remember that there is always room for improvement, even with the best of writers. No piece of writing is absolutely perfect, because there is never a right or wrong way of writing. Here are some tips that will allow you to write like Prabhash Karan.

Read as much as you can

Reading famous writers who have been famous for their pieces will allow you to figure out the kind of writing and tone your work should have. This is the place that you need to start from. If you don’t read great writing, then you will never know how to write. People start off writing by learning from their icons, by copying them, and it is through them that they find their true creative element. You will have to read a lot, as much as you possibly can. You need to read and understand the grammar books first. Then you will have to pay close attention to the style and mechanics being used. “This book is indebted to hundreds of books, publications, journals, and articles. It is an enormous undertaking in trying to synthesize all the information delivered to the reader in a story-telling format, and at the same time, as accurate and as up to date.”—an excerpt from the “Preface” of the book How to Win Nature and Enjoy Good Life by Prabhash Karan

Write a lot

Practice makes perfect! Try Begin to write diary every day. The more you write, the better you will get. Writing is a skill, and so as demanded by any other skill, you will have to practice it to get better. You can write stuff for yourself, a blog, or some other publication. It is important to enjoy the entire process of writing.

Create a ritual of writing

You need to find a specific time of the day where you can write without being interrupted. Make this a routine. There is no specific time of the day that you need to choose to sit down and write. You can just settle for the time when you have no other obligations.

Edit your writing

Edit your writing after lapse of some time, a good novel even after a year.