Thursday 18 April 2024


IT is now the major determining factor in our lives. Everything we do is completely dependent upon IT. In fact, IT has made us completely helpless, left to our devices we simply shatter. Different inventions like television, cellphones, laptops, computers, radios, notebook etc. are our lives. Can anyone in 21st century actually imagine living without actually making full use of IT? No! Absolutely not.

There are countless merits of IT, the benefits it brings to the education, healthcare, industries, households, entertainment etc. can simply bowl a person mind. Industries make us of IT to carry out market research that is determining the needs and wants of customers, what do they actually need, how many times do they buy a particular product, prevailing market trends, advances in product development procedure, the best way to deliver a product, promotion of a product either through television, internet, SMS or radios. All this helps the businesses in this century a whole lot. The increase in the number of jobs, number of businesses and brands. Sales revenue, profits and customer loyalty all come through the use of IT. It’s no wonder why the world is facing a complete economic transformation. The world’s economy in the last decade has improved blindingly. Without the use of IT this would not have been possible.

The truth is IT makes everything easier than it actually is and obviously within grasp. Unlike the world few decades back where distances mattered to everyone, where life seemed quite hard, where receiving healthcare at a moment’s notice and education at home seemed far indecipherable, where we saw our foreign residing relatives once in a year or even more than that but now IT makes sure that you have everything you need. The living standards all over the globe are now rising rapidly as people have easy access to health, education, different goods and services. The increase in production in all economies have increased the GDP of many countries.

People nowadays can do a variety of jobs together which eventually increase their income earned which they can spend on necessities and luxuries at the same time. Thus guaranteeing that they can spend a relaxed and enjoyable life with lesser worries about low incomes and travelling times. Not just this but IT has also given the entertainment world a dramatic swing. Any movie from any time can be watched by just one click. Unlike the old days one does not have to visit a cinema necessarily to watch a movie. Games! These have brought many businesses which develops games, billions of revenues. Every kid can now be seen playing a game. How did that become possible? The credit goes to IT obviously. Usage of internet on computers, laptops and phones have been a major step towards this change.


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