Tuesday 28 May 2024

What NOT To Pack In Your Gym Bag

What NOT To Pack In Your Gym Bag

When going to the gym for the first time, it is only normal that you feel a bit confused, and you might wonder what you should carry with you. After a while, when you get more comfortable and get your own routine, you will feel much more at ease and learn what you should have at hand once you start working out. Nevertheless, there are girls who, even after many months, carry things they don’t need to the gym, thus making their lives and schedules more complicated.

Sodas and Energy Drinks

It doesn’t matter if you really like sodas and energy drinks when you’re at home or going out with your friends, these two don’t really belong in your gym bag. While the caffeine in both of these can perhaps help you feel more energized, you will certainly notice the downsides pretty soon. The sugar in these drinks leaves you thirsty, and definitely doesn’t help if you’re working on losing weight. What is more, carbonated drinks can make you feel bloated and make your exercises more difficult. Stick to water instead, drink enough of it during the day and after your workout, but also in the middle of workouts as well; sometimes all you need is half a minute off and a few refreshing sips to feel better.


Not only is jewellery not necessary in the gym, it can also be dangerous to wear while you’re working out and risky to keep in your bag and your locker. You never know what can happen and how safe your gym lockers are, perhaps you can drop your ring or bracelet while you’re putting it in your bag, and keeping it in your pockets is not really handy. Instead of thinking about whether you will lose your necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets, whether they will get stuck somewhere or make your workout complicated, the best thing would be for you to leave it all in a place you will know is safe – your home.


Yes, of course you are starving after an exhausting workout, but if you pack a few sandwiches in your gym bag to eat afterwards, you will soon discover the downsides: crumbs and mixed smells of food and clothes (dirty and clean). Besides, would you really want your food anywhere near your gym shoes? Have some fruit, a few protein bars, and a bottle of water packed separately and eat them after you leave the gym. By choosing to take in all the good things your body needs; the right gym supplements, proteins, vitamins, and plenty of omega-3 fatty acids, you will ensure you get the most of your sweat and hard work.


Trust me, heavy make-up on your face and a bag even heavier from all the make-up you are carrying around is not something you need at the gym. Take the make-up off before you hit the gym, sweat is going to ruin it anyway, and you will only leave stains all over your towel and clothes afterwards. Moreover, putting on a lot of make-up after you leave the gym is going to clog your pores, and your skin needs to breathe freely. Of course, putting on some mascara, eyeliner, and lipstick is fine, but three layers of foundation, concealer, and highlighter, and luminizer will make you feel trapped in your own skin.

As with pretty much everything in life, try as hard as you can to keep things simple and well organized. Try to think in advance, pack the things you feel good while wearing, and which will help you get on with your day afterwards. Remember, nothing beats an effective and organized girl.