Saturday 25 May 2024

What Ram Chary Everi Thinks About the Latest Trends in the New Age of Graphic Design?

The new year is already half its way through, and quite a few resolutions taken have already been broken. But there’s still some time, and the graphic designers can still keep the resolution of only getting better. Going by the talks of the town, the year is simply going to be interesting to the graphic design industry. There have been multiple new trends that have come up, and taking a short note on all these upcoming new features will make it easy for the designers to know how it is going to be.

One of the interesting facts that Ram Chary Everi noticed over the last few years is the use of muted and safe colors which could be easily digested by their end users. Since simplicity was the new edge, taking this attempt actually helped in keeping a very controlled design scheme. Another reason behind taking this attempt was to give the people an idea of how science fiction actually intrigued these web designing platforms. But 2017 marks a paradigm shift in all these design techniques, and no more would these neutral colors like white, gray and black could be used. More and brighter colors are in fashion, and they have been used creatively with professionally edited photos. It might not call for a color revolution in the web designing companies at all, but a brand new and fresh look can be expected.

While the color and background are being sorted out, next in line comes the content. Since experts consider this century to be the age of content, companies have taken it very seriously to make the most of their content. In order to make it readable and grab the attention of the readers, use of bold fonts will grow in fashion. Right from the headline to the in page content, maintaining the hierarchy of the fonts is being taken keen notice.

Since the number of quality content on the web pages are increasing every year, the demand for quality images have even increased as well. In order to maximize the shelf life of most of these images, there has been significant attempt to keep them as much generic as possible. But the moment these images are being made generic, the use of the images keeps increasing making it a repetitive occurrence. In order to prevent these, the graphic designers have now started using the authentic, original images which would actually represent the brand.

According to Ram Chary Everi, this even enhances the scope of photographers to make some place in the industry. These demand of authentic images have even left a deep impact on the graphics and icons as well. In order to differentiate themselves, the reputed brands have even hired artists who can actually recreate their icons completely. This not just bring in the fun element, but also the authenticity is maintained to the core.

Every passing year, there will be some new trends that will rule the market, however, the graphic design industry will keep continuing its growth.