Thursday 18 April 2024

What To Expect When You Head For A Hearing Aid Fitting

What To Expect When You Head For A Hearing Aid Fitting

Diagnosed with loss of hearing and having considered a variety of hearing aid options available, it’s time to head for your hearing aid fitting with a trained specialist. You’re bound to wonder what to expect from this appointment so here’s outlining some basics you should know:

What is a Hearing Aid Fitting?

Selecting the right hearing aid device according to your budget and requirement is only half the battle won. A productive hearing aid fitting is centered around properly fitting the device in your ears to ensure that you are able to hear clearly, with the right degree of amplification and maximum-hearing benefit. This is an important opportunity for you to learn how to wear, operate and maintain your device so it can continue to perform its best over time.

Finding the Right Fit

How well you’re able to hear with the hearing aid is strongly dependent on how comfortable the fit is. This involves not just how the device fits into your ear canal but also what notable difference it makes to your hearing ability.

Hearing Aid Adjustment

Based on your level of comfort, requirement and original hearing test results, the professional will adjust your hearing aid device to ensure maximized hearing benefit. This step will involve fine tuning the device according to your distinctive listening environment and individual preference.

Getting to know your hearing aid device

Once your hearing aid device is fitted and adjusted properly, the professional will brief you on how to operate the device and tell you about its features. This will involve a step-by-step guide of how to switch your device on and utilize other advanced features such as volume control. You will be taught how to safely insert and remove the device along with information about cleaning and maintaining the device over time.

Care and Maintenance

One of the most important takeaways from the hearing aid fitting is to learn how to take care of your device. How well you maintain it will directly determine how long it lasts. You will be taught how to clean the device, when to clean it and how often you should be doing so. Additionally, you’ll be told about basic troubleshooting that you can do at home, incase your hearing aid seems to dysfunction. Another important discussion you should have is how to store the device and change its batteries. With digital advancements in the medical space and emergence of trusted online retailers such as Smart Medical Buyer, you can choose from a wide range of Hearing aids batteries online, delivered right to your doorstep.

Going Home

The appointment will also involve instructions about what to do when you get home. To start off, you’ll only be required to wear the hearing aid a few hours a day, so you can get used to the device and hearing new sounds. This duration is increased gradually on an everyday basis. You should record any special discomfort and pay special attention to the volume of the sounds.

Finally, you should feel free to revisit your doctor in case of any trouble or questions. It is most important for you to feel comfortable with your new hearing aid for it to yield best results.