Sunday 14 April 2024

What To Know About The Voice Of The Customer Technology

Knowing your customer and how they feel about your service or products is vital in a competitive marketplace. This information is also invaluable when it comes to creating marketing campaigns and targeting specific customer segments. If your business is attracting customers, you need to know why, and if you are losing them, then it’s absolutely essential to know why. Voice of the customer (VoC) technology can play a significant role in this.

What To Know About The Voice Of The Customer Technology

Data gathering

VoC is a process which thoroughly probes customers’ attitudes towards a company, along with the value of its services and products. VoC can also gather information about attitudes towards and expectations of a company. These insights are very valuable and can be used to improve services and products and how the staff interacts with customers. For more on why listening to customers is important, see this report from The Guardian.

How it works

The technology operates in two main areas: interaction analytics and customer feedback-lead solutions. The solutions pull the customers’ comments together to identify key trends for improving services and products. Companies will try to support this with data gathered from other sources, such as forums, too. The analytics examine data from various sources and contact channels to identify important trends.

What To Know About The Voice Of The Customer Technology

Important features

These include bespoke surveys for targeted feedback, consolidating feedback from a number of channels, analysis of wording and emotions, and identifying the most important areas to prioritize the action needed. Reporting tools can be included to map out responses for easy comparison. Customer responses on calls and the impact of customer service agents can also be measured, all of this being used to boost staff performance and service.

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VoC has many facets to consider, and they should be used as part of a structured customer service strategy that has clear objectives and goals. However, contacting customers and asking them what they think about your business can always provide some useful insights. A business should never assume it knows how customers perceive it and its offerings.