Tuesday 23 April 2024

What We Should Know About Fireplace Installation?

Fireplace design and installation may be or may not be a good DIY project, depending on the complexity and potential risks. In any case, we should have proper plan and check it continuously. We should make sure that the fireplace offers us the features we want. It is important to determine whether our house can accommodate the required venting system. We should know what surround and hearth we should use. It is recommended to draw our fireplace design on paper and then start to consider the dimensions very carefully. We may also simulate the fireplace design by using newspaper and create a mock-up on the wall and floor, so we can find out how much space that needs to be allotted for the fireplace installation. It is also important to know that furniture should be placed some distance away from the fireplace.

Then we need to find reputable contactors and ask for advices on the right type of fireplace. So, we have chosen our fireplace and design the new layout for our interior and what’s next? We should purchase from supplies and retailers that can meet our individual requirements. We should be able to find stores that can help us with everything we need, including mantel, venting system and the fireplace itself. However, we may need to get all the materials we need from several sellers. It should be a good idea to buy from stores that cal also provide with technical supports and recommendations on product selections. We may also need sheetrock and framing. After we do all of this, we should reconsider whether we could really do the whole thing by ourselves. In some cases, we also work not only as handyman and builder, but also as a carpenter.

It is generally not recommended to install the gas fireplace on our own. We should obtain the help from licensed professionals who know how to handle gas line. In general, we could install the fireplace after the framing is completed. It is also a good idea to check building requirements and make sure that the contractor has applied for the proper permit, In any case the installation of gas lines, venting system and the fireplace should be left to the professionals. Local authorities may also require safety inspections. They may check whether we have proper installation of gas lines and venting system, as well as adequate clearances to framing. After the framing is properly configured, we may install the mantel hearth materials, surround and sheetrock. Resourceful homeowners may perform these tasks if they are willing.

After the entire installation is complete, the building inspector will perform the final inspection, especially for wood burning and gas fireplaces. If we have wood burning fireplace, it is a bad idea to put combustible materials next to it, although it could be placed a bit farther away. Home owners should also review safety instructions when they first operate the new fireplace, although it is a simple electric fireplace.