Sunday 23 June 2024

What You Should Always Keep In Mind When Designing A Banner For Outdoor Use

It may sound surprising to you, but many people – entrepreneurs and small business owners who decide to attend an event – actually don’t spend enough time on the design of their banner. This is not to say that they don’t appreciate the banner; it only means that they don’t do their research, or often don’t obey the simple rules that make the design of the banner great.

Whoever decides what the banner should look like must always start with understanding the purpose of the banner, and often it goes wrong from the beginning – either the purpose is misunderstood, or the banner printing design doesn’t fit the purpose. Don’t let this happen to you: make sure you start clean. Here’s what you should always keep in mind when designing a banner for outdoor use.

The purpose of the banner

You want to make the most of your money, so you want to get it right. Consider the following goals and how to accomplish the said targets:

  • A boost in enquiries – you want to get more leads on sales; you want people to call to ask for information. Stick with easy-to-read letters and a simple message.
  • Celebrating an event – if you want to invite people to attend, make sure you describe what the event is all about, and give the location and date and time. Use bright colours.
  • Getting them to your booth – if you’re at a farmers market, perhaps a picture of the product you are selling is more effective than your telephone number.
  • The warning – if you’re trying to make the reader or viewer aware or trying to warn them of something, often a picture is more effective. For example, a forest with dead animals is more effective than the message “Don’t spoil our water.”

Choosing a location

How much time does the passer-by have to read the banner? And from what distance? These aspects should be considered when you design your banner, be it PVC banners, roller banners, complete display stands, or others.

Consider the lighting

Consider the lights near the banner – but consider also that if your banner is pointed west, your message will not be readable as the sun is going down.

One more rule to remember in outdoor banner printing – an important one: always include a call to action on your banner. This could be a very simple statement, such as “Call us” (followed by a phone number), or “Visit us at”   (followed by a website address). It could be an invitation to try a free sample, or a warning that littering leads to environmental problems. Whatever it is, make sure the reader of your banner understands what you want them to do. Never forget the call to action.