Sunday 23 June 2024

Which Type Of AC You Should Choose For Small Spaces?

Which Type Of AC You Should Choose For Small Spaces?

When it comes to making a choice between air conditioning a small room, we have two options; split AC and window AC. With the increasing heat during the summer season, Air Conditioner Price in India is constantly getting challenged by the competing companies, who want to serve the best deal at the least price. Both the types of air conditioners are not only different in their outlook, but also in the functioning. Yet they end up catering the same purpose. They can be distinguished by comparing the variation in their price, power usage and durability, but one can still not put a finger on either of the two and simply state it to be better.

Air Conditioner Price in India starts from Rs. 14000 – 18000 for a window AC and Rs. 22000 – 40000, for a Split AC, making the later the expensive choice. One might consider this as a deciding factor depending on his or her budget or might consider doing a detailed study before coming to a conclusion.

Which Type Of AC You Should Choose For Small Spaces?

Space – It can be considered as one of the main criteria, as here we are already talking about small spaces. If the area is already constrained around your room, you wouldn’t want to choose a product that consumes more of your room space. Window AC’s are also heavy in their build, but majority of its body is installed outside the window whereas Split ACs are going to be placed inside your room, expanding its whole size around. Air Conditioner Price in India has a fluctuating market, which come with a variety of different brands selling ACs at different at price range. For a room with no window, or a small window, which can’t support a window AC, split AC is the best choice. So the space you are looking to install AC is open to adjoining space, look for the square footage of both rooms and then calculate the AC size you desire.

Power Usage – Air Conditioner Price in India varies depending on the brand or the features provided in the product. Windows ACs are a popular choice, which makes them easier to find at a lower price than split ACs. Although split ACs, are holding their own side in the market, some of the split ACs in the market are known for providing features like anti bacterial filter which refines the air in your room and dry mode sucks away all the moisture from the room. Be it for a small or a big room, you will be investing money here, so a little research won’t hurt while making the final decision.

Air Conditioner Price in India varies according to their power consumption, and split ACs are known to consume more power than the window AC. A room unit generally requires 115-volt or 230-volt circuits. Bigger rooms with 115 volts need a dedicated circuit and units with 230 volts needs a special circuit.

Hot Air Transformation – Window ACs use the technology of taking in the hot air from outside and, replacing it with cool air, pushing it inside the room. This makes it one of the most preferred for a small space, at it would only take a few inches from the wall, and rest of it would be outside the window. It will serve you the same way as any other air conditioner can. Air Conditioner Price in India also depends on the weight and energy consumed by products, which can be compared by going through the number of stars given to the AC. More stars equals to higher price, as it would consume minimum electricity.

Price And Maintenance – You can go through the range of Air Conditioner Price in India, on the Internet. Split ACs is not only expensive, but also require more attention, effort and financial maintenance because of its complex wiring and duct attachment to the wall. Window AC, also require an annual service, but their maintenance cost is any day cheaper than Split AC. Even the installment charges of both these type of AC’s stand to remain poles apart.

Verdict – Based on the criteria here, your initial preference should be a window AC, as it will give you the same cooling without taking up your room space. Air Conditioner Price in India is initially expensive for split AC, if you have a bigger budget you can go for the latter. Any day split AC, will remain the modern day technology, which will provide you with more features than the old day technology of Window AC. You can make this choice depending on your budget and the size of your room.