Friday 01 March 2024

Why Festival Themed Weddings ROCK!

One of the coolest wedding trends at the moment is festival themed weddings!  They are fun, cool and perfect if you love music.

If you are thinking of having festival themed wedding, you need the right accessories to tie it all together! Here are a few essentials….


These are great to have as ‘save the dates’ – the idea being that the guests can wear wedding festival wristbands to the wedding add to the festival vibe! You can get loads of different fabric wristbands online, and not only are they are great for ‘save the dates’ but, they can also make great favours on the day, or a fun keepsake


A floral crown is certainly a must for any festival style bride! Not only are they fun to wear but they make for a perfect little DIY project too, for that personal touch. Head over to Pinterest for some fab tutorials for you to try your hand at.


A festival theme will never work unless you have bunting – and lots of it! Hessian bunting give a quirky, rustic feel! these little touches come together to complete the theme!


What is a festival without the live music? This is definitely important went you’re planning your big day. Live music will instantly transport your guests to a muddy field somewhere, and make you wedding give Glastonbury a run for it’s money!


Even is the forecast is sunny skies and theres not a muddy patch in sight, wellies will complete the festival theme! Plus, will all your guests donning their wellies, it makes for some fab pictures! So sack off the high heels and get your wellies out!

Whether you have a full-scale festival themed wedding or are just looking for that quirky touch, the festival theme is so in right now! The can add a real special and fun theme to your big day making it memorable for you and all of your guest.