Sunday 23 June 2024

Why Investing In An Air Testing Kit Is A Good Idea

Air testing kit

Testing the quality of compressed air involves a scientific analysis of the composition of the air in order to ascertain its base components. Timely testing will enable you to assess the impurities in the air, thus allowing you to take corrective measures before it is too late.

Compressed air is used in a number of industries today, and it is necessary for the factories to maintain the compressed air at a favorable cleanliness condition. Impure air can hamper the efficiency of the compressor, thus resulting in substandard results.

Recirculating rancid air through the system makes for excellent breeding grounds for germs. This is a cause of concern, especially in the context of pharmaceuticals or food and beverage industry, where compressed air is an integral part of production intended for consumption. It is essential to know that contaminated food and drugs can have detrimental effects on the human body, thus costing the company in the number of consumers.

Air testing kit

The air testing kit developed by TRI Air Testing is easy to use, and requires little to no prior training in order to sample out air from the compressor. The easily-available portable kit is available for both rent and purchase, depending on the frequency of your needs. A timely check of the quality of the air will enable you to adapt and change accordingly. The air testing kit has a detailed instruction manual, which allows one to easily collect a sample of the air and store it. Once this is done, you then send the kit, along with the sampled air to the laboratory.

TRI Air Testing has an AIHA accredited laboratory, which is equipped with the latest testing equipment and a slew of industry specific testing modules that enables technicians to test the air effectively and in accordance with the standards set by the authoritative bodies. The results of this laboratory are timely, accurate and reliable.

Different types of testing are carried out, depending on the types of compressor and the type of air use. Depending on these parameters, the air sample undergoes a variety of tests that ought to be in compliance with NFPA, SQF, HACCP, OSHA, ISO 8573, etc. To know more about compressed air testing solutions, do visit our website at and get in touch with our experts who will answer all queries to your satisfaction.