Thursday 30 May 2024

Why Modular Buildings Are Popular

Why Modular Buildings Are Popular

Trends come and go all of the time across any industry and modular buildings are quickly becoming a trend. Once perceived as a cheap, second-rate construction method, modular buildings are gradually moving into the mainstream. We say gradually as the first modular building was produced way back in 1958!

Now we’ve established that modular buildings are increasingly popular, you might be asking why they’re becoming increasingly popular. Well, there’s lots of reasons why they’re popular, some of which we’re going to explore in detail here.


Whilst previously it was considered a negative feature that modular buildings could be constructed on a budget, it’s the complete opposite now. In a time where buyers are often more frugal than previously, the fact that modular buildings are cheaper is a great thing. It allows buyers to own property that they previously wouldn’t have been able to buy due to the expense of standard houses.


As we mentioned, modular buildings were previously considered to be cheap, second-rate and ugly. Now however, people have begun to realise that modular buildings are actually trending in appearance compared to ‘normal’ constructions. More and more young people are preferring the easier customisation that comes with modular buildings.

Faster ROI (Return on investment)

Return on investment is ultimately the aim of anything. Once you’ve generated return on investment, you’re well on your way to a profit. As the build of modular buildings is significantly easier than the building on a brick and mortar property, construction companies have to spend significantly less time building them, making the construction cheaper and therefore generating ROI quicker as the construction is finished in a timely manner. This makes it great for budding construction companies wanting to make a living quickly.

Saves money

Different to the fact that modular buildings are cheaper to construct and cheaper to buy, they also save a significant amount of money in the construction period. This is because the build period is certainly more predictable and less site-intensive. This means there’s less chance of extended on-site time which results in labour costs that are much cheaper than the usual construction costs. Also, bad weather does not affect the construction of modular buildings. Why? Because they are constructed inside.

Environmentally friendly

Modular buildings are produced off-site. How does this ensure that they’re environmentally friendly compared to usual constructions? Less waste material and resources are created and used throughout the construction process which in turn stops more waste in landfills, making it significantly more environmentally friendly.


Whilst you can have extensions and conversions when it comes to standard constructions, it’s very expensive and you don’t end up with that much extra space. With modular buildings, you can continually add to a previous construction. This means you can construct more and more over time which means lower immediate costs and lots of options for expansion.

Good reputation

The bad reputation of being cheap and second-class has gone over recent years due to better building materials and techniques used when it comes to modular containers. This has in the end resulted in a good reputation as opposed to the previous.

This article was written by Rebecca Fearn with useful information from the Thurston Group. Rebecca is a Yorkshire lass who loves the great outdoors and fabulous food.