Wednesday 22 May 2024

Why Premium Office Space Helps Attract Top Talent

The Australian business landscape has definitely evolved to include some major players in office space. Start-ups and other smaller businesses are finding it so much easier to fund office space because of the numerous style and fit outs available. More importantly, these fit outs allow for businesses to pretty much open up shop in any location.

While the landscaped has evolved, the adage “location, location, location” still applies, and for so many reasons. Premium office space for rent can offer your business the chance to open doors to so many opportunities. Of course, you can work from any office location, but premium space is attractive and can help you attract the right talent to your business.

Keep reading to learn about why premium office space can attract top talent to your business in Australia.

Prestige Of Working In High Profile Locations

One reason premium office space is so attractive is that they are usually located in prestigious locations around the city. These offices ideally make up the business district and are characterised by being located in high profile areas. These areas are usually frequented by people from all walks of life and professions, so there is a certain diversity in the area, which can be very attractive to highly-qualified professionals. Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane attract so many qualified candidates because of this type of diversity.

Proximity To Other Influential Businesses

Another reason that top talent is attracted to premium office space is because these offices tend to be next to or near other influential businesses. In any major financial district or CBD, it is not uncommon to find multinational corporations and conglomerates occupying offices in the same skyscrapers as smaller businesses. This proximity allows you to informally network with others in your building and can be a way to access valuable resources.

Popularity Of Landmark Locations

Premium office locations also are usually in the middle of areas that are also landmarks. Go to any major city in Australia, and everyone knows where the downtown centre and the business district are. These landmark buildings make it easy for people visiting the city to know where your office space is, and more importantly, it makes it is easy for businesses to find your location. Working in a landmark location allows for access as well because these areas are also high-traffic areas, which makes building a platform for business more convenient.

Reputation Of The Area

The reputation of the area is another reason premium office space attracts talent. Usually, everything about an area is known by anyone in the city, and when visitors travel to the location, they soon learn about the area’s reputation. Having an office in that location adds to the allure of success that you might want for your own business, which can be very appealing to young professionals looking to work in prestigious locations.

Professional Image

Finally, premium office space allows you to put your best foot forward. The offices are usually in some of the finer areas around town, and they are usually fitted out with the finest office furnishings. These offices are usually staffed with highly-qualified receptionists and the building is maintained by a building team so that when your clients arrive, they are greeted by professionals in an office that reflects a corporate image. Nothing more can say that you are a top-notch business than this.

Attracting Top Talent   

Attracting top talent involves more than the area or buildings where you work. Much hard work and grit go into creating a successful business, and when talent looks at a business closely, these attributes are important. However, nice office space can be the finishing touches that reflect all the hard work your business has done.