Monday 15 April 2024

Why Should You Become A PMP Certified Management Professional?

Why Should You Become A PMP Certified Management Professional?

Are you considering to acquire PMP certification? All over the world, PMP is regarded as relevant professional certification that validates a person’s experience in project management. Such a certification shows a professional’s ability to handle challenges that can crop up in projects to potential employers and helps in acquiring quick increments over a short period. Here are some of the major reasons why you should consider acquiring PMP certification:-

PMP Certification is Globally Acknowledged

A PMP certification is highly valued in the job market across the world. Once you pass the PMP certification exam, you will be eligible to apply for top management posts in project management in MNCs. It will help to showcase your expertise and skills to potential global employers.

Steady Increase in Salary

Professionals with PMP certification experience a quicker increase in salary as compared to others. Latest research from PMI has confirmed that the salaries of project management professionals across the world is increasing due to the high demand for project management professionals and increasing value of well-groomed project managers. As per recent reports from well-known job sites, a PMP certified project manager can have a six figure salary in the US.

Better Job Openings

As per a survey by Price-water-house-Coopers, a majority of high performing projects are hired by PMP certified project managers. Organizations with PMP certified project managers usually perform better as compared to others. So, acquiring a PMP certification will open up better career avenues and help you gain long term growth in the domain of project management.

Improved Project Management Projects 

PMP certification exam tests professionals on five management processes- initiating, planning, execution, monitoring & control and closing. As a professional undergoes the PMP certification process, the person acquires a standardized range of project management practices based on these five processes. Their project management skills show marked improvement as a result.

Enhanced Project Performance

A professional needs to have in-depth knowledge of the five processes and nine knowledge areas of project management to qualify for PMP exam. So a PMP certified manager has good knowledge of different areas of project management such as time management, project scope management, human resource management, cost management, quality management, procurement management, integration management and quality management. As a result, there is a marked improvement in project implementation. Project performance improves as a result.

Opportunity to Handle Challenging Projects

A PMP certification helps a professional acquire the opportunity to handle challenging projects. It showcases the professional’s knowledge and experience in handling difficult projects. The PMP exam eligibility criteria stress on education as well as experience for aspiring project managers. It validates a professional’s skills in leading projects.

Great Visibility in Hiring Process

Research across industries has confirmed that organizations prefer hiring project managers with PMP certifications as compared to others who do not have such certification. PMP certification shows a professional’s know-how in project management and works as an advantage during the hiring process.

PMP Certification is Valid Across Industries 

A PMP certification is ideal for project managers across different professional fields such as IT, telecom, finance, research and BPO.

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