Friday 21 June 2024

Why should you even bother about wedding shoes?

wedding shoes

Wedding is such an occasion that demands your attention and proper preparation. You can always make sure that you have the best provisions. Certainly, since the wedding is a special event, you should not miss out on anything. Right from your attire, to your accessories to the overall arrangements; everything has to be well thought.

Well, amidst the entire things one thing that is immensely significant are bridal shoes. Yes, shoes are going to be your best companion for the entire day and event. You would have a rich experience once you are wearing the right and comfortable shoes. Of course, you must be thinking why shoes are gathering so much of importance right? Well, keep on reading and you would get to know about it all:

Comfort is the priority

Since it is your wedding day you have to stay calm and comfortable. If you are not comfortable in your pair of shoes, it might get really tedious and painful for you. Certainly, the wedding dress is always too heavy and if the footwear you are wearing in the feet is not comfortable you might find yourself stumbling every now and then. Your comfort should be your first priority. If you are not comfortable during the ceremonies, overall gathering meets and so on; that would show on your face. And not just this, if the shoes you are wearing are not well fit then you might also experience pain wounds once you are done with the wedding.

What you have to do is you have to give proper attention to the shoes you would be wearing for the wedding. When you give your wedding dress for stitching or fitting; make sure that you buy your footwear there and then. You have to decide how huge the heel of the shoes is. After all, what is the point if the heel is too high and the dress falls short and your legs peep out of your dress? So, when you measure the footwear right at the time of dress fitting and all; you end up making the right decision about your footwear.

Designs and shades are crucial

If you are one of those who think that your dress is going to be too heavy and too gorgeous and hence there is no need to give any attention to your footwear then you is wrong. After all, your footwear makes an impact on everything. You should not forget that your footwear might peep out of your dress every now and then. When you would sit or stand or walk or climb the stairs, you would definitely shrug your dress and that would be the moment that your footwear is going to be visible. If it is not matching, designer and good looking; you might lose the charm of your dress and overall looks for sure. After all, you cannot take a chance with your overall looks and the way you are looking.

Keep the venue in mind

This is a thing that might skip from your mind.  It is absolutely important to know what type of venue it would be where you are going to have the wedding ceremony.  After all, it would be really inconvenient and uneasy to walk down the rough and pebbled path to take wedding photos. Actually, the point is you have to pick the type of footwear that goes perfect with your wedding outfit and also match up with the venue. Now it would not make sense if the venue has so many stairs therein and you have to climb and descend them every now and then and you are wearing a type of heals that make it troublesome for you to climb up so much. Now if you have a bumpy place for the wedding because of its artistic aura and infrastructure; that is okay. What you can do is pick footwear that has block heal, and in this way, heal would not go wobbly at all. Similarly, if you know that you might have the photography session during the wedding on the side of the beach then to you have to be prudent with your footwear. You can go for heavy flats and they won’t stick up with the surface of the beach shores.


Thus, don’t you worry you can get the best options in wedding shoes in the realm of JJ’s House. A right shoe would definitely make your wedding even more charming, comfortable and chic.