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Why To Apply For Resident Return Visa

Why To Apply For Resident Return Visa

Only Australian citizens have the automatic right to entry Australia. If one is a non-citizen travelling abroad and wish to return to Australia are requested to have a VISA to enter the country. Permanent residents can use their permanent resident visa to travel abroad and return to Australia for 5 years from the time VISA is granted. After 5 years permanent resident must opt for five-year resident return to re-enter the country.

Why To Apply For Resident Return Visa

To apply for this visa one must have spent 2 years with a minimum of 5 years of stay in Australia and should be

  • An Australian permanent resident
  • A former resident whose last permanent VISA is not cancelled
  • A citizen who lost or resigned from citizenship because the applicant became a national of another country

Validity of the Visa:

Resident Return Visa are valid for 5 years if one meets the two-year residence requirements or holds substantial position or holds personal ties with Australia.

Even when the passport expires the VISA does not become invalid. One may choose to pay additional processing fees to re-issue and stamp in new passport or travel with both passports, the old one which contains Resident return and the new one.

How can one apply?

One can apply for resident return VISA from inside or outside Australia or apply online or by postal mailing by filling form 1085.

Supporting Documents:

  • Identity proofs and certified copies of passports
  • Immigration status which includes evidence of current or former permanent resident VISA

The time frame:

If one has permanent resident status and files the form inside Australia DHA aims to process the application within 1 business day.

When filing from outside of Australia the processing time is for 2 weeks .For a former permanent resident the processing time varies between 6 to 9 months inside Australia. The time varies between 9 to 12 months if one is applying from outside Australia.

The cost:

In most cases if the individual applies online the government filing fee for the VISA is $360 and post by application is $80

Resident Return Visa Processing time 

The processing time is different under different circumstances. The various cases are seen in details and discussed.

  • Marriage and partner visas: If the applicant is in relationship with an Australian citizen or is an Australian permanent resident or eligible for New Zealand has a higher chance to apply for a prospective marriage visas or a partner visa
  • Prospective marriage visas for offshore candidates: If an applicant is engaged to marry an Australian citizen or Australian permanent citizen or resident he may be eligible to apply for prospective marriage visa to come to Australia.
  • The applicant may be outside Australia when applying for prospective marriage visa when the VISA is granted
  • Prospective marriage visa are temporary visas which are valid for nine months
  • When one gets married during the nine months the applicant can apply for an onshore partner visa to stay in Australia.
  • The applicant may also include children below 18 yrs. for VISA approval to migrants to Australia

Partner Visa

  • If the applicants are husband and wife Australian permanent citizen or eligible citizen he or she is eligible to apply for a partner VISA
  • To apply for a partner VISA both the partners must be living together on a permanent basis
  • If the couple is not married they should have lived together for at least 12 months to apply for partner VISA
  • In partner visa one can also include children under 18 years in VISA application to migrate to Australia.

The processing time depends on the nature of the VISA applied.

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