Wednesday 22 May 2024

Why Vow Is Needed In Your Marriage?

Marriage should be seen as a binding agreement where they are committed live and love with one another for the rest of their lives. It means that there should be a common vow that the couple should have before the wedding day. Marriage should be seen as a legal and spiritual institution, which is a permanent thing. However, we have been shown over and over again that there’s an obvious discrepancy between ideals and realities. Strained relationships and divorce are common in many societies. Maintaining a fulfilling and intimate relationship is something that can’t be achieved for many people. It is important for would-be brides and grooms to define their marriage vows before the wedding day. This designates their common goal and commitment that will last for the rest of their lives.

Vows tend to be idealistic, but our lives are not ideal. It won’t be too long before our selfishness start to surface during the marriage. It is important for you to be flexible and accept any mistake. In order got your marriage to survive, it is important that there’s a common perspective in dealing with external and internal factors. We are essentially the product of our society and it is important to be able to deal with the truth. Emotional intimacy can be sustained if we understand our previous goals. With a good and proper vow, you won’t treat your spouse as a sexual object. The vow should also ensure that your marriage isn’t about self gratification and pleasure. The vow should also ensure that there won’t be lack of responsibility. Many marriages don’t work well and they will experience difficulties.  Marriage should be seen as a wonderful institution and like any beautiful thing, it needs to have very solid foundation and this is where vows can really be meaningful in your lives. Ruined marriages may have huge impacts on your children, finances, friends and families.

Marriage vows can be varied depending on the couples and other situations. A good vow often includes the word honor, love, forsaking all others, protect, in health for richer and poorer and holding only to her/him. Marriage vow isn’t a trivial thing and it should be able to govern your marriage. Any marriage needs love and with love, you have real commitment to another individual. The vow should also show your decision to fully care about your spouse. An implementation of good vow should result in perseverance, trust, truth, forgiveness, selflessness, kindness and patience. With proper vow, you should be able to distinguish true love from infatuation and lust. It is true that lust is needed in marriage for having good sexual activity, but love should be at top of the list. When you utter the vow, your spouse should feel that he/she is being appreciated. You won’t do anything demeaning or rude to your spouse. By cherishing your spouse through a good vow, you should that he/she is the most important person. So, make your vow now before the big day!