Friday 19 July 2024

Why You Need A Standing Desk

In today’s work environment, more organisations are recognising the benefits of using ergonomically-designed office furniture to minimise strain on the employee and maximise health benefits while at work. If you’re a business owner, then you probably want to make sure your employees stay comfortable and healthy.

There are a few different types of ergonomic furniture that is designed to help employees feel good while they work. It’s important to consider these options because in the current state of office work, there are not very many ways to get health benefits, especially if your employees are sitting all day. It’s important for everyone to get exercise, even if that means getting up every once in a while in order to stretch the legs and relieve eye strain. You should know about some helpful insights that can improve your employees’ health simply by making a few small adjustments.

Try Standing Desks

If you’re interested in getting new ergonomic office furniture in Auckland, you should try some standing desks. Why would you want a standing desk? Well, there are actually several ways in which sitting all day creates negative health effects on you and your employees. Sitting increases the risk of death simply because there is minimal exercise happening. It also increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, and some studies have even compared sitting for long periods of time to smoking an entire pack of cigarettes every single day.

Standing actually has huge health benefits. First, standing actually slowly burns calories. While you wouldn’t burn very much sitting all day, one of the best ways to get small amounts of exercise for most of the day is to stand. Second, cardiovascular health can be improved simply by standing, as your heart rate will usually be slightly higher if you’re standing rather than sitting. Standing also helps you increase focus and makes your posture better. Slouching in a chair can create bad posture and can actually make you tired and distracted. Standing makes you feel like you’re moving, which can help you stay alert, focused, and even more creative.

Standing desks are one definite solution if you’re looking for ergonomic furniture that can make your employees healthier. Electric standing desks even have the ability to raise and lower themselves so that you have the option to sit when you need to.

Some newer desks, including standing desks, even have ports built in for USB devices and power chargers. This can be very useful for people using laptops who need to plug their computers in for part of the day and unplug them once they’re charged.

Finding the Best Furniture

If you want to find the best furniture for your employees, start by looking online. A standing desk is a great option, but there are also ergonomic chairs and other posture and health improving furniture to be found. It’s important that you find high-quality furniture at a fair price, so be sure to find a local dealer that can help you get the furniture you’re looking for.