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Why You Need To Keep Native Costumes At Bay

Why You Need To Keep Native Costumes At Bay

Halloween is the most celebrated day on 31st October in a number of countries. This day is dedicated to all the dead saints, martyrs and faithful believers. On this day, people dress up in a way that they can ridicule death with humor.

Children go around in houses asking trick or treat/ The treat is refereed to as chocolates or presents they get and trick is related to threatening them if the treat is not given by bringing harm to their property. Selection and wearing of different costumes involves a fun element in it. The costumes can be symbolising skulls, skeleton, vampires, monsters , ghosts, witches and devils. People also wear various clothes of famous characters from movies or imitate their favourite celebrities.

But one must avoid looking like an Indian on Halloween. Indian costumes can be avoided while selecting a character. Indian costumes cannot come up with that zeala and feel that is required for Halloween. It is very easy to stay from the racist costume. There are around 566+ tribes in US alone. So it is not difficult to select a costume of your own with a character behind it.

You can avoid dressing up like a Native to keep the spirit of decency intact. Human decency and sensitivity towards the issue of racism is important. Racism still exists and it is important to keep it away while dressing up. There are still many costumes available on the internet to purchase. You just have to type Indian Costumes for Halloween. The attires are not just for women but also for men.

The native Indian dresses do not honor the culture in any way rather are a reflection of the degraded society.

Native Indians are less in number and are a minority group. Therefore it is even more important to take care of their feelings and heritage. Their tradition must also be looked as our very own. Stereotyping costumes as Indian is not good for small children. It gives birth to the seed of racialism in a child’s mind which might forward with him in his life. The sensitivity towards them can be explained by teachers in school making them realise that native Americans still exist in some parts. It is important to understand that their culture is not in the past. It is very much existent and we should be respectable towards it.

It is easier to live in a place without caste and creed. It will delete the racism and discrimination and eradicate the stress that is infused in our lives. We need to accept every culture in a way that no one feels bad or hurt. give every culture the required honor and sensitivity. Take utmost care of the uniqueness of every heritage.

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