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Why You Should Be Choosing Magento For eCommerce Development

An eCommerce store requires a lot of considerations. Right from the point you decide the type of business you will carry out; to the shipping process there are many components of an eCommerce store which can’t be left unnoticed. There are several choices that one has to make while setting up an eCommerce store. For instance, you will have to decide which products should you include and which not. One such selection that needs serious considerations is that of the right platform for your eCommerce store. It is very important that you select the right platform as it takes care of a majority of operations for the online store. Also, there could be several activities that could be automated that could save time as compared to doing the same activities manually.

Why You Should Be Choosing Magento For eCommerce Development

The process of selecting eCommerce software could take up a lot of time and you will need to think of various components that are supported by the software. Some of the options will be hosted by the provider, and the rest should be hosted on your own hardware and the cost for the same will be free and even cost hundreds of dollars. One of the most preferred and every ecommerce web developer’s favorite software is Magento simply for the range of convenient features and functionality that boosts your business and increases the online revenue. Here are some reasons why Magento development service has to be your first choice for eCommerce development.

Competitive Costs: An open source platform, Magento ensures that all online businesses are empowered to cost-effectively get eCommerce functionality. Unlike other eCommerce platforms, Magento offers a free version for a free version that is available for use by anyone and also there is a pay for use version that is called the Enterprise edition. In addition to that if the website has a dedicated developer, Magento could be manipulated to add features or other functionality beyond a stock deployment. There are several extensions that are available from the Magento website, both for free and also for pay for use. They could be added to the eCommerce store to enhance the functionality.

The Customer Experience: The shopping experience provided by Magento supported eCommerce stores is completely out of the box and sets the bar for eCommerce functionality and also for marketing capabilities. You could include the product reviews and images with the standard installation and also enables you to cross promote and upsell the items throughout the store’s inventory. Customers could zoom-in of the product photos for the enhanced view of potential purchase, improving the customers’ confidence levels in the online product offerings. The combination of these standard features brings an ultimate user experience that will increase the engagement rate on your website.

SEO Prioritization: The development team behind Magento has kept all the requirements of the online store in their mind while developing the software. It is evident from the bundle of some of the best SEO tools included in the software. These optimizations will help the website administrators promote the eCommerce stores and hopefully get it listed highly on the SERPs, meta tags, including the title, descriptions and keywords. All these elements could be configured for each and every product, thus providing an important tool for the eCommerce team to interpret the store’s product offerings.

Magento also offers the Google Sitemap pre-installed, thus giving your team an easy avenue to instruct search engines whatever products and services are included in your website.

All eCommerce stores have different needs, however Magento is better built to deliver the store’s needs than most of the other alternatives available in the market. If there is a new eCommerce project that you are planning to commence, or upgrading an existing eCommerce store, make sure that you give Magento serious considerations. If you have any question pertaining to the creation of your online store with Magento, feel free to contact us and we would be happy to help.

Author Bio: Ryan has been developing eCommerce websites on Magento for more than 5 years and has some of the best tips to share with readers. He frequently writes about the best practices for Mangento development services.

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