Monday 15 April 2024

Why Your Corporate Address Should Be Built For Success

One of the biggest challenges facing young businesses and bootstrapped start-ups is the corporate insistence on image and status. While investors and sponsors know full well that it’s possible to grow a great idea out of a home office, having a very basic setup often prevents entrepreneurs from landing important deals.

Even in the United States, where successful companies come in all shapes and sizes, it is still the case that brands have to be associated with a certain image of success and professionalism. It can make it tough, during those early years, to make a statement and show real potential. In cities like New York, Chicago, and Philadelphia, rent costs are high and it isn’t always easy to secure a top spot.

The good news is that flexible office spaces offer a clever solution. Whether you’re a new company or an established brand, they take the financial pressure off finding a home by rolling the costs into one monthly fee. Keep reading to find out more.

What Is Location Prejudice and Why Does It Matter?

The term ‘location prejudice’ refers to the preference for certain types of business among corporate investors. This type of company is centrally located and has good connections to the biggest business districts in the city.

It is not necessarily about how big the enterprise is, but there does tend to be a clear preference for those with impressive corporate addresses. Fortunately, Servcorp office space solutions combine prestige with affordable rates and negotiable terms. The thing to remember is that location contributes to brand and, if you want to be taken seriously, you need an office which sends a strong message.

What Are the Benefits of a Great Office Location?

There are all kinds of benefits to running a company from a centrally located serviced office. For one thing, you’ll have easy access to the most skilled employees. Big cities tend to attract the brightest and best, so the number of graduates is high. In a city like Dallas, Texas, or Washington DC, building a strong team is relatively simple.

Similarly, if you position your business in a recognisable, familiar location, consumers will associate it with success too. One clever trick is to try and secure a serviced office close to a well-known landmark or attraction. That way, nobody ever has trouble finding you and the brand becomes synonymous with the city and its unique charms.

Getting Comfortable and Settling Down

As all of the utility and maintenance costs are consolidated into a single manageable monthly payment, serviced offices are one of the safest real estate options. The overheads are streamlined, because there are no separate charges for cleaning, heating, or lighting and all problems are guaranteed a cost-free fix.

Tenants get to choose how much influence they want over the logistical side of the suite. Most providers offer a totally hands-on service, whereby everything external to the workings of the business is handled on your behalf. If the internet speeds slow, there is an IT team on site to find out why. If a light bulb breaks or the AC stops working, all you have to do is ask for help.

Beat Location Prejudice with a Serviced Office

With the availability of serviced facilities now on the increase, they are starting to become a popular option for all kinds of businesses. As the consolidated, ‘all in one’ package makes setting up a venture much simpler, these flexible workspaces can be a great asset for larger companies too. When planning an expansion into the US market or elsewhere, it is worth considering whether going serviced could work for you.