Sunday 16 June 2024

You Must Swear By Indian Sesame Seeds Oil For Radiant Glow

Sesame seeds oil protects your skin from UV rays and other skin problems. Let’s find out how Indian sesame seeds became magical.

Indian sesame seeds

By applying sesame oil on skin, you can stay protected against UV rays of sun and prevent damage caused by the rays to the skin. How it happens? What makes the oil resistant to harmful UV rays?

Sesame has SPF 4 that protects your skin and hair from UV rays. It is a natural sunscreen that can even treat scalp infections and fungus.

How to Use Sesame Oil?

There are some ways to apply sesame oil in different ways-

  • Massage oil

You can mix sesame oil with any vegetable oil and apply a small amount directly to your skin. Massage with it for 5-10 minutes. The temperature and constant stimulation of the skin will enhance the blood flow and promote radiant glow.

  • Daily moisturizing spritz

Take an empty spray bottle. Fill it half with distilled water. Add 2 tbsp sesame oil, 2 tbsp coconut milk and 2 tbsp any vegetable oil. Shake them well and spray on face or even on hair. During warmer days, you can add glycerin for extra moisture.

  • Deep condition

You can combine the warm sesame oil with your favorite deep conditioner and apply after shampoo and rinse after an hour. You can set it for overnight for maximum results. Do not forget to shampoo afterwards.

Benefits Of Including Sesame Seeds In Your Diet

For itchy and dry skin, you can combine sesame oil with your light moisturizer and apply wherever you want on skin. It will keep your skin smooth and glowing.

  • Healthy for baby’s skin

If your baby is annoyed due to rashes, you can apply sesame oil on them and it will treat the dryness.

  • Cure for cracked heals

You don’t need to waste your money on cracked foot healing creams, you can simply apply some sesame oil and rub into heels every night before going to sleep. Do not forget to wear cotton socks (select the old pair as it will get stain). You will notice your smooth heels in few days.

  • Lighten the scars

The vitamin E of sesame oil heals every cut and wound on the skin and lightens the scars.

Indian sesame seeds exporters are used by oil manufacturing companies to prepare quality sesame oil, which is later exported to distinct countries across the world. You can find such companies online; Asian Food Industries is among these manufacturers. You can explore their products on their website.