Monday 26 February 2024

Your ‘Blind Spot’ When It Comes To Interior Design

Your ‘Blind Spot’ When It Comes To Interior Design

It is a popular trend these days to spruce up your home interior with the newest do dads and nick nacks. The phrase ‘keeping up with the Jones’ has never been more true. But don’t worry! You can keep up with the trends and make your home stand out above the rest without the costs of a professional designer. With some inspiration and innovation, you too can tap into your inner designer!

Brainstorm, Sketch, Design!

Take time to admire the design factors of other peoples homes and take notes. Spend some leisurely time on Pinterest for cute ideas and how to do them on your own budget. Make a list of items you will allow yourself to splurge on money wise, and a list of items you can scale down in a creative way to make work on a more affordable budget.

Look around your house at decorations you have in other rooms and bring them into your new space. You can make one room look like its had a face lift simply by rearranging your current decor. This is a great way to save money on home decor while still getting a new look.

There is one significant area of interior design that is often neglected. That is your windows. There are a million different ways to utilize the entire space and making sure you have the right Blinds and Shutters in Franklin, TN for your design is very important.

The Eyes To The Soul

Many would consider the windows to be “the eyes to the soul”, or to put more delicately, to the home from the exterio. So what are they saying about interior windows? If you have dirty windows that are fully exposed and the beaming light shines in blocking the view of the television, I’m sure they say several things.

How can you make your windows a statement piece rather than an irritant or lack of privacy? By incorporating it into your design that’s how. There are ways to make a window look larger or smaller. But why would you ever want a window to appear smaller? You wouldn’t. The way to make a window appear larger is to gather drapes for each side and hang them 2 feet outside your window covering the wall leaving the window itself fully exposed. This strategy is purley to enlarge the visual aspect of your window. If you want to block the light from coming in you simply add blinds.

Whatever you end up doing, make sure you feel comfortable. It’s your space, and your time and effort going into making it work for you. Find out what that comfort zone is and make it come to life.