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Youth Church Activity: Youth Ministry and Their Significance

Youth Church Activity: Youth Ministry and Their Significance

There may be some people, who are unaware of the role, values, and significance of a youth ministry. An overview that follows can help you know all these from a layman’s point of view.

Primarily they Work on:

  1. Centered on the words

According to 2 Tim. 3:15, the ‘sacred writings’ or the Word, make an individual wise for own rescue by having faith in Christ Jesus. A youth ministry that abides by the word reflects the teaching of the Bible at every stage, however, this is explanation is not sufficient to define the whole meaning of a word-centred youth ministry. Word-permeated might be a better term for describing them. The objective thereby includes meeting of big groups, group studies in groups of variable size, following the God’s word at every point of time, relations between the disciples and mission trips. All these objectives of activities have to be undertaken in accordance with the word of God. It is believed by some apostles that only God’s word that can make students wise or sagacious enough for salvation. The youth ministry’s mantra can, therefore, be summed up in the following manner: send students out to study, believe, read, and love the words of God.

  1. Focus on the Church

The leaders of a church focused youth ministry, consider it their responsibility that they remind the students and also themselves that the youth group may not be considered as a church. The ministry is a local group that comes into action or regrouped on Sunday and is only a part of the local church. The youth groups may initiate and design their path and ambitions that are separate from that of the church that is a bigger institution. There is a reminder that the youth ministry spreads all around the world to students that they will not be a part of the youth ministry forever in their life. The youth ministry that is Done well engages the youth in corporate worship that enables them to perform services in the wider life of the church.

  1. Orientation towards the Family

Christian Family hold paramount significance in the life of the disciples, primarily because the qualities of discipleship and preaching come first from parents, which the earliest stages of the people of God. Hence the youth ministry dome well backs and strengthens the role of these families. This aids in creating an environment that makes the children in agreement with their parents and not the other way round. Parental pressure and abuse in some cases may produce situations where the children have to disagree on many terms for the benefit of their self(partially). However, there in majority cases parents and children stand united. With the parents providing the necessary powers and tools to their children for the accomplishment of the objective, and only for this purpose they are taught the gospel and biblical truths. A youth rector or pastor may consider to be not limited to the level of a “youth pastor”. If such a case is there than they are mistaken. The one, leading the youth ministry well enough, they are to be the pastor to their families.


The above information signifies, that the youth engaged in the youth ministry draw many benefits out of these activities in the church. Like reading gospel, learning the preachings with everyone, and growing in an energetic environment in accordance to the words of God.

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