Monday 15 July 2024

10 Best Destinations For Foodies In America

10 Best Destinations For Foodies In America

While travelling different people have different priorities, for some it is the travelling experience, while some find it more interesting to get aesthetic pictures clicked. And then there are people from whom the entire trip is about the food, if you too are one of those foodies planning to visit some foodie trips soon, then this blog is for you. Here are some of the best destinations for planning foodie trips to.


Portland, Oregon

Awarded with “reader’s choice” award, Portland has some of the finest chefs in the world. The place is full of some amazing wineries, funky small town menus and some savoring small town meals. It is due to the fact that this place has world class chefs that this place is one of the best foodie trips in the world.

Charleston, South Carolina

This place has limitless varieties of food and food items, you can literally eat the whole day and still miss out some or the other food item. Some flip-smacking food items served at this place mainly include th Nasty Biscuit, pastrami sandwich, and much more. It is one of those ideal foodie trips that are worth visiting.

Boston, Massachusetts

This place is famous for breweries as it house some of the best bartenders of the world. It is the best place to visit and have a pint of your favourite beer when the temperature strikes a bit down. Apart beer, there are various other options for alcoholic drinks.

Washington. D.C.

It is the place where the president dines out and this is the reason why, this place has to be an amazing one in terms of food. There are plenty of historic sites in the area, that makes it the perfect destination for a weekend foodie trip.

Honolulu, Hawaii

Although, the entire limelight of this place is grabbed by the oceans, but the cuisine too has to play a major role here. Loco moco is a delicacy of this place which attracts a great number of visitors every year.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

The vintage shops, live music, and various other sports galore together add on to the overall ambience of this place. The pastries served on Minneapolis are completely out of the world and incomparable to any other type of pastry. A famous local dish; hot dish is a skillet dish and is absolutely irresistible.

Louisville, Kentucky

Louisville is the place of bourbons, you will find every famous type of bourbon at this place. Be it bourbon slushies, bourbon cocktails, or any other favourite drink or delicacy of bourbon, you will find it all here. Apart from that you will love the seelbach bar which is one of the most famous bar serving some of the scrumptious meals like ooey gooey hot brown sandwiches and much more.

There is so much more to the foodie locations in the America and the blog is just a glimpse of the same. To start it off, you should definitely try on some of the above mentioned places for planning your foodie trips.