Sunday 16 June 2024

Ways To Stay Healthy When Travelling This Summer

When you’re off travelling to amazing and beautiful places this summer, it can be difficult to stay healthy and active so you can feel your best. But, we are here with some really simple tips that won’t disrupt your holiday, but can keep you feeling great whilst you are away!

Pack Your Gymwear

Our first tip to get you started is to pack your gymwear! If you only pack daytime and evening clothes, if you do fancy going for a bit of a longer walk, a bike ride or a yoga session on the beach, you might feel less motivated if you don’t have your gym clothes on hand. So, roll up your shorts and gym crop tops, wear your trainers to the airport and if you do fancy a bit of exercise one day whilst you’re away, you can easily do it!

Walk Where Possible

Next up, you should try to walk wherever possible. Walking is a great form of exercise for both your mental and physical health, and if you don’t feel like doing lots of high intensity exercise, walking is a great alternative. So, instead of getting a taxi to the local beach, try walking. Same goes with your evening meal, get ready slightly earlier and enjoy a beautiful stroll down to the restaurant. If you’re going on a city break and using public transport, try getting off a few stops early to take in the scenery and get a few extra steps in along the way. Why not wake up super early one day and go for a nice walk to enjoy the sunrise? Or walk down to the beach in the evening, take some snacks and watch the sunset?

Trying to aim for 5,000-10,000 steps a day whilst your away can make such a different to how you’re feeling.

Eat A Rainbow of Fruits and Vegetables

Our next tip is to eat a variety of different coloured fruits and vegetables! When you’re away, make sure to make the most of the beautiful local produce and eat lots of different colours, as they will be packed full of so many different wonderful vitamins and minerals that will help your body to function to the best of its ability whilst you’re away.

You’re likely to be eating out quite a lot, which is one of the best parts of being on holiday in our opinion, but the meals might not necessarily be the most nutrient dense. So, start your day with a fresh smoothie, head to the local market and pick up lots of fruit and veg to eat throughout your time away and don’t be afraid to try unique local fruit and veg that you haven’t tried before!

Your body will thank you for it if you eat your 5 a day whilst you’re away.

Explore Local Activities 

Finally, when you’re away, you should explore the local activities that are available to you to help you stay active! This might be water sports, local nature reserves, particular sports that are popular and so much more depending on where you are. You will create some great memories, stay healthy and learn more about the area you are staying in!