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10 Best Places To Go Skydiving In USA!

10 Best Places To Go Skydiving In USA!

The United States of America is known for its vastness, diversity in culture and ethnic backgrounds.  However, it doesn’t stop there, the land is filled with many wonderful places where people can do many different kinds of things such as extreme sports – skydiving being one of them.

10 Best Places To Go Skydiving In USA!

  1. Lost Prairie. Kalispell, Montana

Tucked away in a gorgeous, and quiet valley, skydiving in Lost Prairie Montana seems like quite the treat.  Surrounded by beautiful mountains, scattered with clear and gorgeous lakes, the airport is thirty-four miles from west of Kalispell. All in all giving one a breathtaking experience for skydiving with a different bird’s eye view.

  1. Sebastian: Sebastian, Florida

Known as Florida’s most “Scenic Drop-zone”, Sebastian is located openly on the east coast of Florida.  Where the picturesque Sebastian Inlet and the vast Atlantic Ocean. To be able to visualize all that would be quite a treat for the eyes and inhale the deep blue sea air.

  1. Pacific Skydiving Center – Wailua, Hawaii

Hawaii, The Aloha State, also known as Paradise.  The Paradise’s famously clear blue sky, and the free-fall from 13,000 ft., will allow you to see: the whole island of Oahu, the northwest of the Kaena Point, and the southeast of the Pearl Harbor which is beyond Diamond Head.  These views cannot be described, they can only be experienced.

  1. Sky Dive San Diego – California

This skydive location is in the gorgeous Otay River Valley.  This particular drop-zone give a fantastic view of the Otay Mountain, the Otay Lake, the inner city of San Diego, and the vast Pacific Ocean.

  1. Skydive Space Center – Titusville, Fl Orida

The view of the whole Space Coast is out of this world!  Throughout your trip, you will be able to see a beautiful view of the Atlantic Ocean, the exotic Indian Ocean, and the Kennedy Space Center.  This means you can also see the assembly building of the main shuttle and all the launch sites.  However, you usually end up flying directly over the runaway of the Space Center and towards where the shuttle lands.

  1. Alaska Skydiving, Wasilla, Alaska

Situated in the middle of a scenic pasture, the private airport of Alaskan’s drop-zone is surrounded by nature’s own visual treat.  Towards the ascent to height, you will appreciate the brilliant glaciers, mountains that are snow-capped and the famous Cook Inlet. While climbing beyond the Talkeetna Mountains, Denali (Mt. McKinley), you will have the privilege of witnessing a gorgeous view that will take your breath away.  The beautiful scenery is absolutely inspiring.

  1. Mile-Hi Skydiving Center, Longmont, Colorado

For the breath-taking and ultimate view, skydiving next to Longs Peak, you can see the whole Rocky Mountain Range for the view.

  1. Skydive Oregon – Molalla, Orlando

Sometimes there are no words to describe a certain beauty.  The scenic view of Skydive Oregon is just that, out of sight breath-taking. You can see greenery on the ground everywhere, along with huge mountains in the not so far distance.

  1. Skydive Zion, Hurricane, Utah

Southern Utah and the Zion National Park will always give the best view from every direction, mainly because of the awesome weather throughout the year.

  1. Skydive Monterey Bay, California

Here you will receive not only the massive view of the whole Monterey Bay but also the finest view of the Pacific Ocean.

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