Friday 21 June 2024

10 Car Rental Tips To Help You Secure Cheap Rates And Upgrades

Planning a trip can be expensive. It is good to come up with some well though-out strategies that could help you save on your expenses, not only on the flight ticket but also on car rental costs. You can easily score some cheap car rental rates, free upgrades and find the best cars in the market by using the following tips shared out by former car hire agents.

  1. Go for cars not highly esteemed by the agents

Normally, you will find a car that the agent is seeking to get rid off and this could be a great deal on your part. The car might not look great but is functional. If you don’t give a damn about it, just consider booking it and drive to your next destination. You might be surprised getting an old car for $10 per day and this is by all means a good deal if you don’t really care being behind its wheel.

10 Car Rental Tips To Help You Secure Cheap Rates And Upgrades

  1. Take care of the insurance using your credit card

Many credit cards are providing insurance cover for rental cars. This obviously is a great option that you should take advantage of. You should however read the terms and conditions plus other details to know what exactly id covered and what isn’t.

  1. Book the cheapest car but time your pickup time

This might sound a bit funny but you can trust it especially coming from former car rental providers. You can reserve cheap rent a car abu dhabi for morning hours on Monday when agents are busy servicing their cars after the weekend or on Friday to increase chances for getting a free upgrade. As long as the car rental agent is out of cheaper cars being sought out by everyone, the more likely you are to get a cheap luxury midsize.

  1. Find a provider with a bigger fleet

No dealer would want to have cars seating idle on the yard. No matter the cost, the car rental agency would like to get rid of their car as far as it brings them some money. You can succeed in getting great discounts if you put your negotiation skills into play. Just look around if you are not renting online, see where they have a full parking and negotiate.

  1. Leverage using another agency’s quote

Shrewd, isn’t it? Well, it is good to know that car rental agencies are just like hotels. They thrive not on the amount of money they charge for a car but on the number of cars they rent out. You can therefore use another agency’s quote to “trick” them into giving you cheap rental cars at a lower price or even make them match it. You don’t have to reference any quote but use this as your bargaining tool.

  1. Use airport rentals for a newer car

If you are concerned about a newer car and wouldn’t mind paying the higher cost for it, then airport car rentals will be ideal as they offer newer fleet of cars. This is always a good place to start before visiting the other outlets..

  1. Just request for an upgrade

It is easy to get a good rental car upgrade cheaper that you would pay for booking a newer car. Normally, the car rental agents would want you to spend more money than you originally intended to no matter the difference margin. You will most likely land a great deal if you just ask whether there are any specials or upgrades when you arrive.

  1. Rent for longer periods

Many rental car agents do not charge any fee for early returns. You can therefore find cheap car rental deals if you book for longer so as to secure a discount or weekend rate. The game changer is in returning the car before the expiry of the rental period.

  1. Keep the engine running as you refill the car

Refill the car slowly while the engine is still running. This isn’t safe plus it is illegal but will help you nail the gas more accurately to the level it was when you drove off. This means you will not spend more for the gas than you should.

  1. Request for a few extra hours during pickup

Many car rental agents will give a grace period to their customers despite their 24-hour rule. You can get one or two hours but don’t drive off before asking for it. this normally comes at no extra charge at all.

Are you ready to book cheap rental cars? Use these two tips to help you get the cheapest rates and upgrades thus making it easier for you to enjoy your road trips. Why not start by comparing car rental prices with sites like