Friday 21 June 2024

10 Must-Have Winter Fashion Items For Men

Winter Fashion Items for Men

“Winter is coming” as House Stark says. Winter doesn’t only come to Winterfell, but also in your country. So before winter comes, prepare your fashionable winter-proof clothes or better check this list for the 10-Must Have Winter Fashion Items for Men. Stay warm and classy!

10 Must-Have Winter Fashion Items For Men

1.    Flannel Shirts

Flannels are thicker and softer than most of your regular long-sleeve shirts and will help keep you warm that’s why it’s a favorite of couch potatoes and weekend snugglers. Use it as the first layer then throw on some thick jackets to combat the cold weather. And hey, it’s very fashionable too!

2.    Snow Boots

Okay, so you can’t choose fashion over function for this one. Snow boots are essential to keep your feet warm and dry (and prevent your foot from freezing) during the cold season. The good thing is, you can also wear it as rain boots. Nowadays, hey come in a range of colors, silhouettes, and styles to effortlessly integrate into your outfits.

3.    Parka Jacket

Parka jackets are waterproof, hooded, tied through drawstrings at the waist and cuffs, knee-length and typically stuffed with very warm synthetic fiber, and with a fur-lined hood. Parka jackets make a classic look, and you can pair it with almost everything.

10 Must-Have Winter Fashion Items For Men

4.    Beanie

Beanies were not only for skater-punks but everybody. It’s one of the biggest fashion symbols – everyone wears it. Not only will it keep your ears and head warm (since they say that 80% of our body heat is lost through our head), but they will also add a touch of style to your casual look or even cover up your hair for bad hair days!

5.     Sweater

Winter is all about layering. Like jackets, sweaters are good clothes that’ll keep you warm.  There are pricey cashmere sweaters for occasions, sporty sweater vests, wool sweaters for that classic Englishman look, and casual cotton sweaters.

6.    Leather Jacket

Worn by greasers, motorcyclists, military, aviators, police, and music subcultures (punks, goths, metalheads, rivetheads), leather jackets are a timeless clothing. It is suitable for any weather conditions. It is purposely made to keep motorcyclists insulated and warm when speeding down the road. Likewise, it will keep you warm in the cold season.  Also, the fashionable aspect of wearing leather jackets is self-explanatory. If you’re going to buy yourself a good leather jacket, read on the Best 10 Leather Jackets for Men in 2017 for the best and most affordable prices.

7.    Leather Gloves

Black and chocolate leather gloves are a staple for the winter season to keep your hands from freezing. They’re most made from sheepskin that’s gotten a lot to TLC during the manufacturing process, resulting to extra softness and warmth. They’re practical as they are professional-looking.

10 Must-Have Winter Fashion Items For Men

8.    Scarf

Protection against frostbite is the primary function of scarves, but a fashion accessory can also be one. Wool scarves are the best for the winter season. Simple navy and neutrals will suit any outfit, though try bright colored and striped ones for an edgy look.

9.    Wool Overcoats

When it is cold outside, the most suitable outerwear with a suit is an overcoat. A wool overcoat is a good investment as it will live for years but expect to shed a few more bucks for this. Wool overcoats are meant for nicer winter conditions and not for the harsh ones. This clothing is perfect for commuting to the office, attending formal occasions and making a good first impression to your business partner.

10.    Thermal Socks

Thermal socks are comprised of 70% merino wool with 35% nylon and 5% spandex for a combination of strength, stretch, comfort, and cold protection. These are perfect for wearing tall boots. They come in many designs, so there’s surely one that will fit your personality.