Friday 01 December 2023

12 Tips For First Dates

You’ve asked a woman for a date, but it’s your first date, do not know how to behave in front of her, what to say or what to do, not get bogged down more, we will tell you and so conquer in one night.

Dress Appropriately

For the first date you should opt for a macho, especially comfortable outfit, do not try to get things you’ve never used before.

The Place

At the first appointment, it is important to know the place early to avoid miss or be late, because if it is a familiar place for you, you will feel more comfortable and relaxed.

Be Punctual

Sometimes it is good to wait for the man for the first date, to create more expectation, as long as they are only 5 or 10 minutes, because if you go over this limit will think you do not care and do not respect.


If both decide to go to a restaurant or a public place for your first date, behave like a man at the table, do not talk with your mouth full, do not you clean your teeth in front of him, do not smoke or throw trash where you should not etc.


If you’re nervous and did not know what to talk, try to ask simple questions they may have a long answer and let the girl talk, then she will also do so to respond in a funny or original way to break the ice.

Make Compliments, but do not overdo

All women like to hear from time to time a gentle compliment about her appearance, however, remember that it is the first date, so do not overwhelm with so much praise.

Do not talk about Romantic Past Experiences

One of the golden rules on the first date, never mention the love of the past, if that girl asks you, try to be brief in your answer and not see it as your personal psychologist.

Keep a balance between what you say and hear

Usually women tend to talk more than men, and that’s not always good, remember that they love to listen and interested in what they have to say.


Although stereotypes dictate that the man is the one who must pay all on the first date or any output, you’ll look better if you pay the bill, so take your nest egg.

Be yourself

It sounds cliche, but true, from the first date, that girl should know how you’re really not pretend to be the most interesting, funny guy in the world if you’re not, because sooner or later they will realize.


When in the door of your house, always remember to thank you and tell you how well you passed, and if there were sparks between the two, not rush your farewell, try to kiss and say Goodnight.


There are many opinions, but if you dare to take this step, try to be a gentle or subtle kiss, not a passionate kiss, if you want to know the meaning of that kiss, search different types of kisses in the world.